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July 22 ~ Sunday Night Special ~ 9:00pm -

Item Description
All Items are sold AS-IS, we have done some testing & described as best we know. Some items have NOT been tested - We are not experts on every item, so PLEASE use preview dates to determine your bid.
1.New in Box Lavatory Sink -- Multiple Sizes and Colors
Notes: 11 x bid
2.Solid Granite Top Serving Table with Wine Rack
Dimensions: 48x24x36"
3.Small Childs Size Vintage Wooden Hutch
Dimensions: 12x30x38"
4.Steel Base With Heavy Glass Top Table
Dimensions: 36x50x20" and 24x28x26"
Notes: 2 x bid
5.Display Cabinet with Glass Shelf -- 1 Panel Cracked
6.Solid Oak Wall Shelf Mirror with 4 Coat Hooks
Dimensions: 30x5x29"
7.Mustang Rear Window Levers
8.Nice Display Cabinet -- Missing Shelves
Dimensions: 12x12x72"
9.Wooden Trunk
Dimensions: 20x40x22"
10.6 Drawer Dresser, Nice Project
Dimensions: 16x47x28"
11.Curio Cabinet -- Missing Shelves
Dimensions: 22x72"
12.Large Interiors Storage Trunk
Dimensions: 31x16x18"
13.Lot of 3 Trash Cans
14.Small Trunk
Dimensions: 22x11x12"
15.Tote Full of Toys
17.72 Quart Tote with Lid
18.Rubbermaid Tote with Lid
19.Lot of 2 Clothes Baskets
20.Nice Tarp with Eyelets
21.18 Gallon Tote with Lid -- Cracked
Notes: 2 x bid
22.Werner 6' Step Ladder
23.Box Lot of Flowers and Vases
24.Vintage Hanging Electric Light
25.Box of Lamp Shades and 1 Hanging Light
26.Vintage Hanging Lights
27.Vintage Stained Glass Hanging Light
28.Solid Oak Dining Table
Dimensions: 42" D x 29" H
29.Fold Up Card Table
Dimensions: 40" Diameter
30.Daewoo Microwave
Dimensions: 11x17x12"
31.Lay Down Pool Float
32.Tote full of Miscellaneous Items
33.Road Cone
Dimensions: 14x14x29"
34.Wall Picture
Notes: 2 x bid
35.Large Wall Mirror
Dimensions: 32x43"
36.Vintage Desk With Drawers -- Solid Wood
37.Vintage Twin Bed Headboard, Footboard, and siderails
38.Maple Butcher Block Type Table
Dimensions: 24x36x34"
39.Flower Vase and Solid Stand
40.Wooden Crate Box
Dimensions: 16x26x16"
41.10 Gallon Antique Milk Can
42.Wood Stand
Dimensions: 16x16x21"
43.32 Gallon Tote With Lid
44.Vintage Twin Bed Headboard -- Missing Padding
45.Hanging Wood Wall Shelf -- Missing one Peg
46.End Table with Drawers -- 1 Board Needs Glued
Dimensions: 13x16x24"
Notes: 2 x bid
47.Toy Wagon of Mega Blocks
48.Small Wire Rack
Dimensions: 9x9x25"
49.Hanging Knick Knack Rack
Dimensions: 9x2x23"
50.Tool Box
Dimensions: 8x17x8"
51.Framed T-Shirt
Dimensions: 19x19"
52.Framed Painting
Dimensions: 16x20"
Notes: 2 x bid
53.24x30" Hanging Mirror
54.Hanging Knick Knack Shelf
Dimensions: 11x2 1/2x25"
55.Cut Plexi Glass -- Trash Can Full
Dimensions: 1/8" x 9x5"
56.Folding TV Tables
Dimensions: 15x19x26"
Notes: 2 x bid
Dimensions: 34"
58.Wave Board
Dimensions: 36x20"
59.Fold Up Steps
Dimensions: 19" Tall
60.Eureka Vacuum Cleaner with Cord Reel -- Tested
61.Fold Up Crate -- Heavy Duty
Dimensions: 15x23x10"
62.66 Quart Tote With Lid
Dimensions: 14x41"
64.Heavy Duty Storage Box
Dimensions: 22x15x10"
65.Rustic Tin Panel Mirror
Dimensions: 26x26"
66.Lot of 6 Frames, Pictures, Prints
67.Bissel Feather Weight Vacuum -- Tested
68.5 Gallon Jug
69.Huge Vase
Dimensions: 18" D x 31" H
Dimensions: 20" Tall
71.Christmas Light Reindeer -- Head Moves, Lights did not light
72.4 Side CD Rack, Holds 180 CD's
73.Fold Up Chair in Bag
74.Hoover Spin & Scrub Vac, Powers on
75.HP Monitor with Adjustable Height
Dimensions: 19" Tall
77.Wrought Iron Pot Holder
Dimensions: 13x18"
78.Small Table / Stand
Dimensions: 11x16x13"
79.9" Tall Step Stool
Dimensions: 27" Tall
81.20" Box Fan -- Back Guard Broke
82.Fold Up Bed Frame in Bag
83.Wood Shelf with Drawers, organizer
Dimensions: 6x26x28"
84.Hanging Shelf and Mirror
85.Fold Up TV Table
Dimensions: 15x19x24"
86.Adjustable Width Door Guard
Dimensions: 23" Tall
87.Adjustable Reading Lamp
Dimensions: 50" Tall
88.6 Drawer Dresser
Dimensions: 21x37x53"
89.Wood Table with Drawer -- Legs need glued
90.Large Barbie Doll House
Dimensions: 18x55x37"
91.6 Chairs and Dining Table -- Cushions need some TLC
Dimensions: 38x62x30"
92.Large Sofa Chair
93.Round Foot Stool on Rollers
Dimensions: 30" D x 16" H
94.Sofa Table -- One leg needs glued
Dimensions: 28x52x18"
95.Behind Couch Table
Dimensions: 25x65x34"
96.End Table
Dimensions: 29x27x28"
Notes: 2 x bid
97.Wood Table with Drawer
Dimensions: 20x32x31"
98.Wood End Table
Dimensions: 17x23x20"
Notes: 2 x bid
99.Wooden Stand
Dimensions: 10x48x30"
100.Light Up Vase Stand
Dimensions: 13x13x36"
101.# 797 Louisville Slugger Bat
102.Shop Push Broom
103.Short Handle Spade Shovel
104.Long Handle Garden Tool
105.Extending Handle 6' to 11' Long
106.Splitting Maul -- Needs Handle
107.Scoop Shovel
108.Short Handle Shovel
109.36" Walking Cane
110.2 Stick SCH 40 1/2" Pipe 11' Long
111.Haier Window A/C -- Powers on
112.Fedders Window A/C -- Powers on
113.Kids Bike
114.Wicker Chair
500."His Eye is On the Sparrow" Mini Resin Bird Bath
Dimensions: 9" Diameter 12" Tall
501.Keurig Coffee Maker
502."America" Small Wind Chimes
503.Lot of 2 Small Crock Jars
Dimensions: 4" tall
504.Flatlot -- Hearing Aid Batteries, Smoke Detector, Tape, Shower head, Automotive Paint, etc.
505.Flatlot -- Silk Fans, Ceramic Bird Feeders, Figurines, etc.
506.Flatlot -- Computer Card Reader, Peace Sign Belt, Blue Glass Cup, X Box Controller, etc.
507.Flatlot -- Ceramic Pumpkins, Dale Earnhardt Mug, Baby Moccassins, Cigar Box, Playing Cards, etc.
508.Flatlot -- "Just Saying" Sign, Clock, Jesus Print, etc.
509.Flatlot -- New in Package Battery Operated LED Lights, Milk Glass Candle Holder, Balloons, etc.
510.Very Nice Foray Laptop Bag with Shoulder Strap
Dimensions: 19x14x4"
511.John Deere Hat, New in Package Playing Cards, and Mug
512.Lot of Gun Cleaner, Bullets, Shells, etc.
513.Goldenvale Collection Lion Family Statue
Dimensions: 12" Tall
514.Large Flat of Perfume, Nail Polish, Make up, Etc.
515.Pyrex Portables Bag with 11" D x 5" H Glass Bowl and Heat Pack. Strap is broken on Bag
516.Hello Kitty CD / Cassette / Radio Boombox
517.Knick Knack Shelf, USA Prints, Cops Fabric Print
518.Musical Light Up Christmas Tree
Dimensions: 14" Tall
519.Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffee Maker
520.Flatlot -- Vintage Glassware, Figurine, etc.
521.Lot of 2 Fidget Spinners in Cases
522.Emerson Binoculars
523."Johnny" Battery Operated Toilet Lid-Shaped Clock
Dimensions: 7x9x2"
524.Chest Jewelry Box
Dimensions: 5x4x4"
525.Lot of Smart Phones, Amazon Kindle, Phone Chargers, Cases, Ipod, etc. All untested
526.Wood Jewelry Box
Dimensions: 8x10x1/2x2 1/2"
527.Big Mouth Billy Bass Musical Fish
528.Small Lot of Lighters, Binoculars, Hand Cuffs, Rechargeable Batteries, Binoculars, etc.
529.Wood Jewelry Box
Dimensions: 8x6x5"
530.Tin Full of Fidget Spinners
531.Flatlot -- Mugs, Lamp, Dishes, etc.
532.Flatlot -- Kitchen Utensils
533.Flatlot -- Extension Cord, Figurines, Pencils, Hair Clippers, Playing Cards, etc.
534.Lot of 5 CD Cases with DVD's, Music CD's, Computer Games, etc.
535.Resin Chicken Basket with Glass Bottle
Dimensions: 5" D x 8" H
Dimensions: 9" D x 7" H
537.Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Chivas Regal Glasses
538.Large Lot of Loose DVD's, etc.
539.Comfort Zone Portable Electric Heater
540.Nice Lidded Basket
Dimensions: 11 1/2" D x 7 1/2" H
541.Timberland Men's Shoes, Size 9
542.Flatlot -- Children's Books
543.Lot of Sunglasses
544.Easy Bake Oven
545.Lot of 5 Nice Baskets
546.Snowman Tea Light Lamp
Dimensions: 13" Tall
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
556.Battery Operated Anniversary Clock
Dimensions: 10" Tall
557.Dancing Woman Statue
Dimensions: 19" Tall
558.Large Glass Budweiser Bottle
Dimensions: 15" Tall
559.Lot of 2 Large Baskets
Dimensions: 16x13x9" and 14x11x8"
560.Flatlot -- Large Eagle Patch, Vases, Figurines, Billiard Ball, etc.
561.Flatlot -- Mossy Oak Measuring Cups, V-Tech Camera, Encouragement Cards, Peacock Broom, etc.
562.X-Men X Force 10" Shatterstar Figure New in Damaged Box
563.X-Men 10" Mr. Sinister Figure New in Damaged Box
564.X- Men X Force 10" Cable Figure New in Damaged Box
565.X -Men Weapon X 10" Figure New in Damaged Box
566.X-Men Mettalic Mutants Sabretooth 10" Figure New in Damaged Box
567.X-Men X Force 10" Kane Figure New in Dirty Box
568.X-Men 10" Gambit Figure New in Damaged Box
569.X-Men 10" Bishop Figure New in Damaged Box
570.X-Men 10"Apocalypse Figure New in Damaged Box
571.24 and 14" Hand Saws and 24" Level
572.Lot of 3 Exercise DVD's
573.Kids DVD's Loose or in Rental Cases
574.Lot of 30 DVD's No Cases
575.2010 Guinness Worlds Record Hardback Book
576.The World of Automobiles Picturebook / Encyclopedia
577.WearEver Heavy Duty Cooking Pot
Dimensions: 10" D x 5" H
578.Large Lot of Music CD's
579.Kids HDPE Bowling Set -- Looks like it is missing one pin
580.64 fl. Oz. Bottle of Final Touch Fabric Softener
581.10x12x3" Case with Clear Front and Back
582.Kid's Giant Dominoes Game
583.Set of 5 Lift the Flap Adventure Books for Kids
584.Ceramic Owl Piggy Bank
Dimensions: 8" Tall
585.Wood Camel Box and Contents
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1 1/2"
586.Faux Ivy Plant in 15x5x4" Basket
587.Stoneware Deer Cannister in Basket
Dimensions: Basket: 10" D x8" H
588.Wire K-Cup Holder
589.Flatlot -- Lotions, Body Spray, Shampoos and Conditioners, etc.
590.Flatlot -- Metal Vases, Decorative Stones, Display Stand, etc.
591.Flatlot -- Christmas Dcor
592.Flatlot -- Christmas Dcor
593.15x10x11" Sterilite Container Full of Party Supplies
594.15x10x11" Sterilite Container Full of Party Supplies
595.11D x7" H Cooking Pot With Lid
596.Boxlot -- Plastic Containers, Lids, etc.
597.Lot of 2 Metal Angel Plant Stands / Candle Holders (?)
Dimensions: 14" Tall
598.Flatlot -- Christmas Dcor
599.Metal and Amber Glass Decanter
600.Plastic Fitted Bowl Covers
601.New in Package Dispicable Me 3 in 1 Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner
602.3 Boxes of Multi-Color Christmas Lights and 2 Boxes of Clear Christmas Lights, 100 Lights in Each Box
603.ConAir Home Hair Cutting Kit. Box is open, but appears clippers and accessories never used.
604.Mikasa Double Heart Frame, 11" In original box
605.Vintage Metal Oil Can
606.Lot of Sports Cards and Reds Baseball
607.Betty Crocker's Cookbook
608.Flatlot -- Tools
609.Flatlot -- Tools, Hardware, etc.
610.Flatlot -- Mugs, Crocks, Bottle, Teapot, Pencil Sharpener, etc.
611.Lot of (6) 9 Watt LED Energy Conservation Bulbs, 60 Watt Equivalent
612.37x25" Quilted Rug
613.Flat of Silverware, Paring Knives, etc.
614.Powerline Model 15XT Co2 BB Gun By Daisy With 6 CO2 Cannisters and 3 Containers of BB's
615.Flatlot -- Books
616.Small Lot of Tools
617.Brass and Silverplated Candle Holders, Dcor Items
618.Nice All Clad Crock Pot. Pot is 12x10x6"
619.Lot of 2 Bibles and Book of Mormon
620.Lot of 3 Vintage Books from the 1930's and 40's
621.Lot of 8 Corn Hole Bags -- 4 Red, 4 Gray
622.Flatlot -- Tools, Tape Gun, Etc.
623.Betty Crocker 6 Speed Hand Mixer, Appears Never Used
624.Flatlot -- Pokemon Cards
625.Large Fruit Flat of Halloween, July 4, Christmas Dcor; School Supplies, Etc.
626.8 lb. Exercise Weight
627.Set of 3 Lined Baskets
Dimensions: 10x10x9", 9x9x8", and7x7x7"
628.HDPE Sewing Basket and Contents
Dimensions: 14x9x9"
629.Basket Lot -- Crochet Hooks, Collectible Glasses, Wood Bowls, etc.
630.16 and 12 1/2" Perforated Pizza Pans
631.Kid's Sewing Machine
632.Set of (2) 3 lb Weights
633.Flatlot -- Doll, Dog Tie Out Cable, Recorder, Marbles, Wood Bowl, etc.
634.New in Box Glucometer, Test Strips, and Lancets
635.Lot of Toys, Kids Books, V-Tech Camera, etc.
636.2 Boxes of 150 Bulb European Chasing Lights
637.Small Crate Full of Wallets
638.Lot of Sports Equipment
639.Set of 4 Metal Cannisters with Glass Lids
Dimensions: 9, 8, 7, 6" Tall
640.Junk Drawer Lot -- See Pics
641.Lot of 3 Ladies Sun Hats, New with Tags
642.Toy Story Action Figures Gift Set -- New in Damaged Box
643.Stoneware Bowl, 7 Packages of Kleenex, Halloween Fingernails
644.Small Decorative Box with Miniature Brass Items
645.Hoppe's Wood Tool Box
Dimensions: 15x6x4 1/2"
646.Metal Lamp Base
Dimensions: 15" Tall
647.Basket Full of Cook Books
648.Nice HDPE Bucket Full of Cleaning Supplies
649.10 Gallon Sterilite Tote Full Of Wedding Party Supplies
650.Gallon of Valspar Black Paint, Feels at least 3/4 Full
651.Small George Foreman Grill
652.Autumn / Halloween Dcor
653.Small Garage Lot -- Tools, Fasteners, Paintbrushes, etc.
654.Lot of Books -- Sewing Guide, Weightloss, etc.
655.Taper Candles, Tea Light Candles, etc.
656.Lot of 3 Bathroom Remodeling Books
657.Psalm 91:11 Wall Dcor
Dimensions: 12" Diameter
658.Lot of 2 Small Wall Shelves
Dimensions: 12 and 17" Long
659.Hamilton Beach Handmixer and 6 Heavy Drinking Glasses
660.Flatlot -- Tools, Screws, Storage Containers, etc.
661.Wind Up Extension Cord, Unsure of Length
662.Knowles China Dinner Partners Akalla Design China -- (7) Dinner Plates, (7) Soup Bowls, 1 Serving Bowl, (8) Small Bowls, 3 Cups, 14 Bread and Butter Plates, 1 Gravy Boat
663.Flatlot -- Old Canning Jars, Figurines, Lord's Prayer Plate, Vintage Sewing Thread, Glassware, etc.
664.Odd lot -- Small Cast Iron Bowl of Some Kind With Lid, Military Ribbon, Glass Kessler Hat Shot Glass, etc.
665.Lot of Old Bottles and Kitchen Utensils
666.Sterilite Clearview Box Full of Multiple Occasion Greeting Cards
667.Appr. 25' Extension Cord
668.Plastic Containers With Craft Items, Bracelets
669.Jumbo (2 Gallon ??) Hefty Bag full of Pokemon Cards, Misc. Toys, etc.
670.Bucket Full of Kitchen Utensils, Knives, Etc.
671.Lot of 3 Ladies Hats
672.Lot of 2 Vintage Brass 4x6" Picture Frames
673.Like New -- Ladies Dr. Scholl's Shoes, Size 7 1/2 M
674.Hunter Manufacturing 8" Dale Earnhardt 7 Time Champion Collector's Plate
675.2 8x11" Glass Baking Dishes (Pyrex and Anchor Hocking) and HDPE Cupcake / Cake Carrier
676.Mixed Glassware Items
677.AMC's The Walking Dead TV Gun Game
678.Flatlot -- Power Strips
679.Flatlot -- New in Package Ink Jet Business Cards, Sheet Protectors, Garage Sale Tags, Vinyl Letters, Velcro, etc.
680.Flatlot -- Wire Dragonflies, Shell Trinket Box, Ceramic Birdfeeder, etc.
681.Flatlot -- Purses, Lullaby CD, Old Lighter and Cigarette Case, Backscratcher, etc.
682.Decorative Box, Wood Carved Container with Lid, Cool Butterfly Bracelet, Funny Magnets, etc.
683.Stamping Supplies
684.Set of 6 Jack Daniel's No. 7 Mr. Jack's Birthday Glasses
685.Presto Salad Shooter in Original Box, Does not appear to have been used
686.Vintage Green Glass Bowl and Dish, Metal Sun Wall Dcor, Vases, etc.
687.Vintage Oil Lamp, Brown Jug, Dressing Bottle
688.Fruit Flat with Dcor Items, Burlap, etc.
689.Set of 2 Framed Vintage Coca Cola Ad Pictures
Dimensions: 12x16"
690.Wood Cutting Board / Serving Tray with White Tile in Middle
Dimensions: 21x13"
691.Folded Flag in Wood and Glass Display Case
Dimensions: 21x13x4"
692.Very Nice John Deere Lamp with Glass Shade and Metal Base
Dimensions: 22" Tall
693.Flatlot -- 3 Curling Irons, Hair Dryer, and Wahl Precision Trimmer
Notes: 10 x Bid
695.Lot of 5 Pairs of Sunglasses, one pair new with tags
696.Hello Kitty Fleece Throw
697.Fleece Throw
698.Wizard Lamp
Dimensions: 12" Tall
699.U.S. Flag Bunting, New in Package 2 1/2 x 4' PolyCotton Flag, Patriotic Umbrella
700.Playskool Sit & Spin Toy
701.Large Strand of Faux Pearls and Trinket Box
702.Lot of Smart Phones, Cell Phones, Cases
703.Knives, Silverware Flat
704.Flatlot -- Nail Polish, Dog Leash, Hand Warmers, etc.
705.Cordomatic Clothesline
706.Vintage Small Hardshell Suitcase
Dimensions: 13x9 1/2x6"
707.Heavy Duty Baking Sheets
Dimensions: 12x16 and 11x16"
708.Harley-Davidson "King of the Road" Christmas Ornament in Original Box
709.Sanyo DVD Player
710.11x15x3" Roasting Pan, Hamilton Beach Toaster, and Rival Mini Chopper
711.Presto Pressure Cooker, 2 Saucepans, and 2 Cup Measuring Cup
712.Wood Box
Dimensions: 13x9x8"
713.Black & Decker 1/4 Sheet Finishing Sander
714.80x55" Sheet of Upholstery Fabric Brown / Black
715.Virgin Mary Planter
Dimensions: 9" Wide, 12" Tall
716.Large Crate of Purses, Some Name Brands -- Coach, Kenneth Cole
717.Wedding Supply Items
718.Huge BoxLot of Board Games
719.Huge BoxLot of Craft Items
720.Vintage Marked Planter
Dimensions: 7" D x 2 1/2" H
721.Large Box Lot of Craft Items -- Markers, Paints, Glue, etc.
722.5 Large Balls of Multi-Colored Yarn
723.Basket Lot -- Memphis Metal Ash Tray, Metal Planter, Window Ornaments, Curtain Hooks, etc.
724.Southwestern Style Throw
725.Black Graduation Gown For Sizes 5'10" to 6'0"
726.New with Tags Women's Isotoner Leather Gloves
727.HDPE Semi Case for Die Cast Cars
728.Nice 17x17" Basket and Decorative Metal Oblong Dish
729.Lot of 3 Tins -- 2 are Full of Sewing Supplies
730.Lot of 4 Jump Ropes and Water Resistant Apron
731.Vintage Poetry Magazines and Guitar Instruction Manuals
732.Digital Picture Frame
733.RCA Portable DVD Player -- Has no cables, unsure of working condition
734.(2) 18" Wire Wreath Forms, 19" Grapevine Christmas Tree, and Wooden Snowman
735.Lot of 10 Bath Towels and 2 Beach Towels
736.Sylvania DVD Player
737.Flatlot -- Christmas Dcor
738.Denim Pants -- Mixed Men's and Women's
Notes: 10 x bid
739.1 Box of Clear C9 Christmas Lights and 2 Boxes of Multicolor C7 Christmas Lights
740.Intex Double Quick Air Pump
741.Basket Full of Hand Towels and Wash Cloths
742.Toddler's Fold Up Camp Chair
743.Hanging Ceiling Lamp
Dimensions: 17" Diameter
744.Musical Santa and Reindeer in Car
745.16" Doll In Good Condition
746.35x20" Snowman Rug
747.Wooden Holy Bible Box and Contents
Dimensions: 7x9x2"
748.Solo V2 Glucometer and Case
749.Long Length Leather Look Jacket, no size marked, appears Medium (?)
750.2 Decks of Harley Davidson Playing Cards in Tin
751.Pottery Type Decorative Box -- Some Cracks, Corner is broken off, see photos
Dimensions: 12x12x6"
752.Classic Poetry Book Copyright 1913, Binding needs repaired
753.Box of Small Plastic Toys
754.Corning Ware 2 1/2 Quart Cornflower Saucepan, Milk Glass Vase, Serving Dish With Lid, Pyrex Bread Pan, and 2 Metal Kitchen Bowls
755.Small Lot of Mixed Jewelry
756.Flatlot -- Vintage Green Glass Bottle, Novelty Bell, Paper Weights, Bird Figurines, etc.
757.Lot of 3 Welcome Signs
758.Flatlot -- Metal 4" Letters, Thomas Kinkade Bird, Vintage Bottle, Etc.
759.2 Pair of Women's Levi's Size 16 Miss, Medium Length


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