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February 3 ~ SATURDAY Night Special ~ 9:00pm -

Item Description
1.Very nice, clean sofa
2.Very Heavy duty, Large King Size Solid Pine Bed, 4x4" Post. Complete with side rails and 2x4" Bracing
Dimensions: 80" Wide x 48" tall
3.Large upholstered throw mattress
Dimensions: 70x50x9"
4.Beautiful Antique Solid wood Bow Front 2 Drawer Dresser with Solid 1" Marble Top
Dimensions: 41x21x32"
5.Beautiful Antique Dresser, Modern Distress, 4 Working Dovetail Drawers
Dimensions: 48x18x30 to 54"
6.7 Foot Sofa-Fair to good condtiion, no rips
7.Old Wooden Shelf Unit wit Adjustable Plywood Shelves
Dimensions: 32x18x67"
8.7 ft Hide-A-Bed With Queen Size Fold out, Not the 1000 lb model. Decent Condition
9.Beautiful Electric Fireplace - Working
Dimensions: 40 x 12 x 40
10.Microfiber Plush Loveseat - Good Condition, needs cleaning
11.Wrought Iron Tubing Coffee Table
12.Beautiful Solid Oak "HOOSIER" Cabinet. Granite Metal Slide Out Top in perfect condition. All drawers working, including metal breadboxOn Casters
Dimensions: 41 x 27 x 33 Base, 40 x 12 x 37 Top - 71" Tall Overall
13.Nice Entertainment Center w/Shelf and Bottom Glass Door Storage
Dimensions: 38 x 21 x 60
14.FEBO Flame Electric Fireplace. Works fine - Ornate Wood Surround
Dimensions: 42 x 15 x 42
15.Cute Wooden Castle Wall Shelf/Coat Rack
Dimensions: 24 x 9 x 16
16.Old Barnboard Distressed Storage Box - Very Cool
Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 18
17.Harmon/Kardon AVR 40 - Excellent Condition
18.Panasonic DVD Stereo System SA-PM39D5 Disc Changer with Pair Speakers - Nice Compact System
Dimensions: 7 x 13 x 10
19.Cool Old Wooden Trunk w/Handles on Large 2" Casters
20.LOT of 3 - Clearview Totes
Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 6

21.Large 27 x 27 x 8 Tote w/Wreath Included - Both look new
22.Large 30 Gallon Tote
2x Bid
23.Impuls - VERY Nice Suitcase Set
Dimensions: 21 x 13 x 30, 14 x 22 x 10, 11 x 12 x 5
24.19" Long & Standard Milk Crate
25.Versa Steamer by Dominion - Looks New. Includes tote it was stored in
26.5 Gallon HDPE Jug w/Lid
27.Rubbermaid 14 Gallon Tote - Like new
28.Sterilite 56qt Jumbo Blanket Tote
2x Bid
29.Clear Tote
Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 8, 22 x 15 x 6
2x Bid
30.Universal Furniture - SOLID Oak Side Table w/Drawer
Dimensions: 24 x 26 x 24
2x Bid
31.Solid Cherry Hardwood Shelf Unit
Dimensions: 37 x 4-1/2 x 39
32.Nice Area Carpet
Dimensions: 89 x 59
33.Nice Area Carpet
Dimensions: 89 x 60
34.Vintage Hardwood Twin? Bed42 x 37 Headboard, 42 x 13 Footboard, Angle Iron Rails, 1x12 Support boardsbox springs & mattress (if you want them)
35.Vintage Hardwood 4 Hook Halltree
24" Base x 69"
36.Buffet Style Table - Sturcy Metal base construction
Dimensions: 63 x 31 x 29
37.Large, Nice 30 Gallon Storage tote
38.Hardwood Dining Chair
2x Bid
39.Stacking HDPE Lawn/Patio Chair
2x Bid
40.Vintage Hardwood Chair
41.Folding HDPE Costco Table
Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 28
42.Folding Roll-Away Full Size Bed - Excellent Condition, mattress included (if you want it)
Dimensions: 48 x 72
43.Very Nice, Clean Vintage Recliner - Lays ALL the way back
Dimensions: 32 x 41
44.Vintage Wicker Style Storage Trunk - needs a little TLC
Dimensions: 28 x 15 x 20
45.Very Ornate Detail, Antique Hardwood Accent Table
Dimensions: 24 x 13 x 25
2x Bid
46.Solid Maple Drop Leaf Table w/2 Matching Woven Seat Solid Maple Chairs - Nice
Dimensions: 38" Dia (22" folded)
47.Folding Aluminum Walker w/Front Basket
2x Bid
48.Nice, Oval Coffee Table
Dimensions: 45 x 27 x 16
49.Solid Pine Saddle / Quilt ? Stand
Dimensions: 32 x 9 x 32
50.Solid Oak Wall Shelf & Mirror w/4 Large Coat Hooks
Dimensions: 30 x 5 x 29
51.6ft Floor Lamp w/Adjustable Side Reading Light
52.Wicker Handled Laundry Basket
Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 11
53.Pine Crate
Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 10
54.Padded Rocking Recliner - needs a little cleaning
55.Nice Vintage Wood Side Table
Dimensions: 24 x 12 x 22
2x Bid
56.Solid Pine Tater Bin w/Onion Drawer
Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 26
57.Large Moving Blanket approx 7ft x 5ft
58.Presswood Dresser - all drawers work
Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 32
59.Nice, Large Fish Tank w/Rock, Light & Cover
Dimensions: 30 x 12 x 19
60.Nice Solid Wood Antique Side Table
Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 30
61.Vintage Dovetail Drawer Dresser - just needs a couple pulls
Dimensions: 40 x 17 x 30
62.Veneered 2 Drawer Chest
Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 26
63.Nice, Clean Laundry Hamper
100.Casio 140CR Electronic Cash Register w/2 Sets of keys, works great - like new
101.Nice, Large Wall Mirror
Dimensions: 27 x 41
102.Like New - Wall Shelf w/Plate Groove
Dimensions: 30 x 6 x 8
103.Very Cool Solid Wood "Watering Can"
Dimensions: 26 x 11 x 13
104.Arrow, Toy Gun, Big Buck Hunter & Guitar Electronic Accessories
105.Milk Crate, Auto Zone basket, 2 Shoebox totes
106.Long wheeled tote w/Handle
Dimensions: 38 x 12 x 10
107.5 gallon Kerosene Jug
108.Very Nice wrought iron cd rack
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 27
109.Igloo 9 qt Cooler
110.Ozark Trail Tent - size unknown
111.Sunbeam Bread Machine - Very Clean
112.Bucket of 12 Funnels & HDPE Oil Pan
113.Badmitton Set in travel bag
114.Country Look, Wainscot Back Wooden Wall Shelf w/Key Pegs
Dimensions: 13 x 2-1/2 x 25
115.2 Boxes Packing Peanuts
116.Nice Sterilite 56qt Tote & Contents
117.Nice Sterilite 45t Tote & Contents
2x Bid
118.Very clean Rubbermaid 14 Gallon tote
119.56qt Tote & Contents - all very clean stuffed toys - some w/Tags
120.Lot of 3 Totes - 18 gallon (rough condition)
121.Nice 56qt tote & contentsTONS of Xmas
122.Heavy Duty Honeywell 40" Long Heater - working
123.Heavy Duty Honeywell 40" Long Heater - working
124.Hawaiin Breeze 27" Tower Oscillating Fan - works great
125.LARGE 29" Barbie Limo - Great Condition
Dimensions: 29 x 10 x 8
2x Bid
126.Tote & Contents - Appears to be set of Xmas Dishes
127.Tote of Bear Figurines
128.Sterilite Tote 35/45 gallon
2x Bid
129.Large 35 Gallon Tote & Contents - Snowflake Stuffed Bears
130.Large 35 Gallon Tote & Contents - More Stuffed Bears
131.18 Gallon Clear Tote
5x Bid
132.18 Gallon Tote of Hangers
133.Lot of Assorted Totes & HDPE Basket
134.Lot of 3 Prints
Dimensions: 12 x 14
135.Heavy Duty Hinged Lid Tote
Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 9 & 22 x 13 x 12
2x Bid
136.Lot of 2 Nice Prints
Dimensions: 17 x 21
137.106 Qt Clear Tote
138.Heavy Duty Lockable Hinge Lid Tote
Dimensions: 31 x 17 x 13
139.HDPE Mechanics Creeper
140.Large 7ft x 4ft Hammock - needs cleaned
141.Oxygen Tank Cart
142.Milk Crate FULL of Bungee Cord Straps
143.Print, Wicker Mirror, Wooden Yard Figure
144.24" Wooden Easter w/Wire Stand
145.UK Mirror
Dimensions: 11 x 14
146.Lot of 2 Vintage Jesus Prints - 17 x 14 Metal & 14 x 17 Wooden
147.Very Nice Shadowbox Style Print
Dimensions: 13 x 9
148.Nice Birdhouse Print
Dimensions: 25 x 20
149.Legend of the Dogwood Tree print
Dimensions: 16 x 20
150.Print & Wooden Wall Letter Holder
Dimensions: 12 x 12
151.Lot of 4 Baskets - (2) 1/2 Bushel & Wicker Ship
152.Swivel Dust Pan, Dust Pan & Broom Set
153.3ft Walking Stick w/Carve Squirrel Top
154.4pc - Kenwood & Sherwood Tuners & Cassette Decks
155.Vintage Wooden Wall Mirror
Dimensions: 19 x 27
156.Nice Aluminum T-Ball Bat
157.Camo Folding Toddler Travel Chair
158.Aluminum Oxygen Tank - fits cart lotted previous
Dimensions: 4" Dia x 24
159.Baskets - (2) 16" Dia x 24" w/4 Handles Laundry * 15 x 11 x 9 HDPE
160.22 Gallon Storage Tote
161.22 Gallon Storage Tote & ContentsSee pics, most id FULL of Angel Figurines
162.Vintage, Signed Jesus Print
Dimensions: 20 x 24
163.Beautiful Framed Print
Dimensions: 18 x 22
2x Bid
164.Home Interior Print
Dimensions: 17 x 17
165.Amazing Grace Print
Dimensions: 12 x 17
166.10 Gallon Tote & Contents
167.Aluminum Oxygen Tank w/Guage - fits cart lotted previous
168.18 Gallon Tote & Contents
169.2 Boxes Packing Peanuts
170.10 Gallon Tote & Contents
171.10 Gallon Tote & Contents
172.5 Gallon Tote & Contents
173.18 Gallon Tote & Contents
174.18 Gallon Tote & Contents
175.18 Gallon Tote & Contents
176.18 Gallon Tote & Contents
178.18 Gallon Tote & Contents
179.18 Gallon Tote & Contents
180.18 Gallon Tote & Contents
181.18 Gallon Tote & Contents
300.Tiffany Style Glass Lamp Shade
Dimensions: 11"Dx8"H
301.Flatlot Science Fiction Books
302.Flatlot Quick Pump, A&W mug, Christmas Night Light, etc.
303.Flatlot-Farmall tractor, semis, motorcycle
304.Anchor Hocking 7 quart punch bowl
305.16 Quart Sterilite Clearview Tote full of Scrapbooking and Craft Supplies
306.Homz Storage Container full of Scrapbooking Supplies
Dimensions: 18x15x11"
307.Small Flat of Craft/Scrapbooking Supplies
308.Cars Fleece Throw
309.Sterilite 12 Qt Storage Tote with Craft and Scrapbooking supplies
310.Sterilite 16 Qt Storage Tote with Craft and Scrapbooking supplies
311.HDPE 2 1/2 gallon Gas Can
312.Flatlot Kitchen Utensils-Cookie Cutters, pizza cutter, measuring cups, etc.
313.Ceramic Buddha Statue
Dimensions: 7" tall
314.Flatlot-Sports cards, Sponge Bob game, stein, massager, etc.
315.Women's denim pants
10 x bid
316.Jewelry case with mixed jewelry
317.Lot of 3 metal 24" levels
318.Flatlot-Alcohol and Derby glasses and shotglasses
319.Flatlot-Lottle girl's sandals
320.Flatlot-Blood pressure monitor, Swiss Tech Toll, Footies
321.Flatlot-Toy Monster Trucks
322.Flat of Scrapbooking Paper
323.Scrapbook case with scrapbooking paper
324.Scrapbook case with scrapbooking paper
325.Scrapbook case with scrapbooking paper
326.Scrapbook case with scrapbooking paper
327.Scrapbook case with scrapbooking paper
328.Lot of marbles, shooter marbles
329.Thomas Kinkade Mantle Clock
Dimensions: 8x4 1/2x11"
330.Lot of Toy Cars, Trucks, Trains
331.Silverware divider with silverware and knives
332.Shoebox tote of scrapbooking supplies
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
9 x bid
353.Nightmare on Elm Street DVD's
5 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
10 x bid
358.Blu Ray Movies
6 x bid
359.Blu Ray Movies
6 x bid
360.Blu Ray Movies
6 x bid
361.Blu Ray Movies
5 x bid
362.Blu Ray Movies
6 x bid
363.Blu Ray Movies
6 x bid
364.Blu Ray Movies
6 x bid
365.Blu Ray Movies
6 x bid
366.Kid's Blu Ray Movies
6 x bid
367.Kid's Blu Ray Movies
3 x bid
368.Music CD's
5 x bid
369.Stainless Steel Pot with Lid
Dimensions: 13Dx 11"H
370.2 gallon HDPE gas can
371.16" Talking Christmas Tree with Animated Eyes and Mouth
372.HDPE case With sockets and ratchet
373.1" Plastic Cap Roofing Nails, bucket is about 1/3 full
374.Waggener High School 1970's Yearbooks, lot of 2, Louisville KY
375.The Night Stalker and The Andy Griffith Show Paperback books, great condition
376."Pasta" Cookbook with over 350 Pasta Recipes, hardback
377.Revolutionary War Battle Box and Destination Normandy paperback book
378.Mega Builder Minecraft Secrets, Creations, Hacks, and Strategies-paperback book
379.American Sniper Hardback Autobiography of Chris Kyle
380.Better Homes And Gardens The New Cook Book
381.Boxlot of old computer software
382.Lot of over 30 loose DVDs
383.Lot of dish rags, dish towels
384.2 pair of kid's Converse Sneakers sizes 13 and 1
385.Little Girl's size 10 Frozen Snow Boots, Very little wear
386.Boxlot of Nerf-type guns and HDPE toy 4-wheeler
387.10" Round Cast Iron Griddle with Wood Handle
388.Lot of 3 pair kid's shoes, Very nice pair of Nike size 4Y
389.Butterfly Metal Wall Hangings and Windchime
390.Lot of Kid's HDPE bowls and trays
391.16 qt tote full of craft supplies
392.Lot of 2 Pyrex 9x13" Baking Dishes
393.Glass dcor items
394.Flatlot-Avon Car, Glassware, S&P shakers, etc.
395.Lightening McQueen HDPE Training Potty - clean
396.Flatlot kitchen utensils and 12x18 Serving Platter
397.Lot of 7 Collectible Fairy Figurines
398.John Deere Tongs and License Plate
399.Estee Lauder "Beautiful" Perfume and Lotions, appear unused
400.Lot of 2 Heavy Candlesticks
Dimensions: 10" tall
401.Vintage Komfy Kid Doll
Dimensions: 14"
402.Men's Levi's 32x32 Jeans, good condition
403.Lot of 3 Penny Candy Jars, one 8" and 2 7"
404.Lot of 3 Autumn -themed tea light lanterns
Dimensions: 10" tall
405.Flat lot of blue drinking glasses 5 7" and 7 4"Lot of 3 Indian Turkeys
Dimensions: 10" tall
406.Thanksgiving Indian Turkeys
407.Reese's, Coca-Cola, Ty, and Smurf Plush animals
408.Lot of 6 Hot/Cold Cups
409.Lot of 8 Collectible CocaCola Glasses
410.Lot of 7 Collectible McDonald's Glasses
411.Flatlot of FingerNail Polish
412.Thanksgiving Dcor
413.Lot of 5 Glass Candy Jars with Metal lids, one 9" and 4 7"
414.Vintage Wood Spice Rack, 2 jars are missing lid
Dimensions: 12x2x11"
415.Flatlot kitchen knives
416.Figi All that Glistens Cookie Jar
Dimensions: 10"Dx 11"H
417.50's Style Juke Box Clock Radio, still in original packaging, appears never used
418.Stock pot
Dimensions: 10"Dx10"H
419.14x12x6" Tote full of Craft Supplies
420.Paula Deen Gourmet Cookware (2) 12" skillets, (1) 9" Skillet, 8",7", and 6" pots
6x Bid
421.Lot of 8 Scrapbooking Albums
422.Snowman Lanterns and dcor items
423.Flatlot-Shower gel, new toothbrushes, drug book, lancets, etc.
424.Flatlot-Little girl's tights, owl figurine, barettes, etc.
425.Great Neck 24V Cordless Drill with Case
426.Hair Dryer and 2 Curling Irons
427.Fall Dcor Items
428.Thanksgiving Dcor
429.Lot of 3 Halloween Banners
Dimensions: 13x16"
430.Harvest Scarecrow Welcome Banner
Dimensions: 18x36"
431.Orange County Choppers Hardback book
432.Four pairs of Baby Boy Shoes
433.Homer Laughlin Dish with lid (10x7x3"), Small Royal Ironstone China Pitcher (5" tall), and Crooksville China Pitcher (4" tall)
434.Kids Baseball Glove and Size 3 Shaq Sneakers
435.7 boxes of Christmas Ornaments
436.Elegant Style Telephone, Appears new in box
437.Twin Size Quilt, appears hand stitched. Has a couple of small tears, see pics
438.Very Pretty Large Blue Vase
Dimensions: 17" tall
439.Heavy Glass Candy Dish, very nice
Dimensions: 7" D x 7" H
440.Flatlot-Porcelain Doll, Trinket Boxes, LOVE vases, plate with stand
441.Brand: Fenton
Fenton Opalescent Pouncing Cat Figurine
Dimensions: 4" long
442.Brand: National Potteries Co.
Porcelain Pitcher and Basin Marked Japan
Dimensions: Pitcher is 8" tall
443.Vintage Cat Teapot Marked China
Dimensions: 5" tall
444.Lot of 2 Victorian-Style Angel print Vases
Dimensions: 7" tall
445.Brand: Roseville USA
Sugar and Creamer dishes and Saucer
Dimensions: Dishes are 3 1/2 and 3" tall, saucer is 5"D
446.Carnival Glass Dish With Lid
Dimensions: 7" tall
447.Carnival Glass Candy Dish
Dimensions: 7"Dx4"H
448.2 Small Clear glass dishes, Milk Glass Chicken on nest (chipped) Small dish marked Bavaria, and 2 mugs, one marked Japan
449.Lot of 2 Carnival Glass Dishes
Dimensions: 10" D x 2 1/2"H
450.Iridescent Sugar dish with 2 teacups and 2 saucers, marked with a crown on the bottom
451.Brand: Thermos
Lot of 4 New Thermos 10 oz Containers, Paw Patrol and Nemo
452.Boxlot of Children's Books
453."Faith" Metal Wall Hanging
Dimensions: 12x16"
454.Flatlot-Bundle Up Snowman Plate, Wind up musical church, Gingerbread Men Dishes, Trinket Box, etc.
455.Coca-Cola Glasses, Hershey's Dish and Mug, A&W Rootbeer mug, etc.
456.Flatlot-Office Supplies
457.Memory and Mouse Trap Games
458.Flatlot-Candle Holders, Dolphin, Decorative Stones, etc.
459.Flatlot-New Soaps, Shampoos, Deodorant, etc.
460.Lot of Work Gloves
461.Metal 20 drawer case with handle
Dimensions: 10x6 1/2x9"
462.Pocket Watch
463.Very Nice International Silver Company Silver Plated Tea Set
Dimensions: Tray-20x14", Coffee Pot 11", Teapot 10" Sugar 4", Creamer 7"
464.Lot of trinkets, spoon, mini gun, etc.
465.Kid's Rocket Kit and Crystal Lab kit
466.Lot of 12+ CD's, no cases
467.Lot of 3 Toddler Puzzles, new in package
468.Racing Helmet
469.Lot of 4 Glass Oil Lamps
470.Padded Pelican HDPE Micro Case and cigarette makers
Dimensions: 5x7x3"
471.Lot of 2 Decanters and Wall dcor
472.Brand: Tupperware
Large lot of Tupperware Containers, Cups, etc.
473.Flatlot of Lancets
474.Sterilite HDPE File Box
Dimensions: 15x11x12"
475.Lot of 3 Bibles and Strong's Cocordance of The Bible
476.Lot of 2 Glass Candleholders
Dimensions: 11 and 7"
477.Lot of 3 Marilyn Monroe Prints on Canvas-type material
Dimensions: 19x27"
478.Leather Chaps
479.Rival Non-Stick Electric Skillet
Dimensions: 11x11"
480.Flatlot of Dollhouse furniture-Table and chairs, Chairs, and cart
481.Women's Toolkit
482.Wire Framed Shelf with Towel bar
Dimensions: 12x5x11"
483.Lot of 3 Christmas Snow Globes
484.Limited Edition Peanuts Pez Dispensers and Nascar 50th Anniversary 1:24 Stock Car Replica
485.Sylvania DVD player
486.Crayola Desk Lamp
487.Air King Portable Electric Fan
488.Very Nice 12 Pc Crystal Stemware
489.Flat lot-AC adapter, digital tire pressure gauge, office supplies, etc.
490.Koss Top Loading CD player, dual cassette, and AM/FM tuner
491.2014 Christmas Teddy Bear, Very clean, good condtion
492.Compaq Laptop Computer untested
493.Sanyo DVD Player
494.Lot of 2 Circulon Skillets, 11 and 12"
495.Lot of 4 Towels
496.25 foot Extension Cord
497.Twin Size Quilt
498.Carved Stone Trinket Box
Dimensions: 4x3x2"
499.VCR/DVD combo Player
500.Large Flat of Little Girl's Shoes and Boots
501.Cute Cat In Hammock Figurine
502.Brand: Biederlack
Large Tiger Throw
503.Food Dehydrator
504.Wood Snow Man Shelf
Dimensions: 18x5x6"
505.15" Glass Budweiser Dale Jr. Bottle
506.Brand: Paasche
Paasche & Badger Airbrushes
507.Brand: Mr. Christmas Collectibles
Appears new in box, Mr. Christmas Collectibles Caroling Kittens
508.Lady Carel Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer
509.Very Nice Heavy Glass Dish
Dimensions: 8Dx7"H
510.Tote Bag Full of Disposable Gloves
511.Lot of Picture Frames 12x16", (3) 8x10" and 5x7"
512.Chaparral Chip and Dip Serving Platter and Snowman Serving Platter
513.Basket Lot-Clock, party items, etc.
514.Small table lamp
Dimensions: 15" tall
515.Lot of Books and Magazine
516.Reusable Water Bubble Flower Display
517.Brand: Lefton
Colonial Village "Main Street Church" and bag of townspeople
518.Brand: Lefton
Colonial Village "Potter House" for Light up Village
519.Brand: Lefton
Colonial Village Gazebo
520.Brand: Lefton
Colonial Village "Mundt Manor" for light up village
521.Brand: Lefton
Colonial Village Town Hall for light up village
522.Brand: Lefton
Colonial Village "Springfield" home for light up village
523.Set of 3 Ceramic Cannisters
Dimensions: 8, 7, & 6" tall
524.Vintage 1979 Evergreen Coin Bank, Girl with Dog
Dimensions: 13" tall
525.Brand: Soleil
Personal Electric Ceramic Heater
526.Brand: Boyd's
Boyd's "Gwen Marie Bear"
Dimensions: 10"
527.New with tags Car's Backpack with lunchbox
528.Raggedy Ann Doll-Back of Dress has some water-staining
Dimensions: 20"
529.Set of "Hope" and "Live" Prints
Dimensions: 17x7"
530.Japanese Ducks Banner
Dimensions: 12 1/2x21"
531.Lot of GI Joe action figures and accessories
532.Porcelain Indian Doll, still wrapped in original plastic
Dimensions: Appr. 20" tall
533.Boxlot of White Christmas Lights
534.Set of 3 Blue Pyrex Bowls
Dimensions: 10, 8 1/2, & 7"
535.Set of 2 CorningWare Baking Dishes-2 and 2 1/2 qt
536.Clear Glass Cannister with lid
Dimensions: 10"
537.Treasure Chest-style jewelry box and contents
Dimensions: 7 1/2x5 1/2x5"
538.Lot of 2 Campfire hamburger grillers
539.Boys 10-12 Gray Camo Jacket
540.Nice Men's Arizona Leather-Look Jacket Size XL
541.Boy's 10-12 Carhart Jacket
542.Men's 2 XL Tall Carhart Sweatshirt
543.Very Nice Carhart Jacket, size Medium
544.IU Hooded Sweatshirt, size Large
545.Men's Longsleeved Nike Shirt, feels like Dri Fit Material, size XL
546.Wood Cane
Dimensions: 35" long
547.Lot of 3 Glass Vases
Dimensions: 8 1/2" tall
548.Porcelain Floral Design Pitcher
Dimensions: 10" tall
549.Vintage 1986 Nikko Remote Controlled Car, appears in great condition
550.Popeil's Automatic Pasta Maker, appears complete and very well kept
551.Limited Edition Avery Creations Dove Figurine
Dimensions: 6" tall
552.Storage container with Christmas Bows, Tissue, Gift Tags, and ornaments
Dimensions: 16x14x10"
553.Boxlot of Curtains, Holdbacks, etc. Some New in package
554.JC Penney Collection Shower Curtain and Liner, new in package, 72x72"
555."Paws for Christmas" Tapestry Afghan
Dimensions: 51x68"
556.8x10" Silverplated Wedding Photo Frame
557.Martex 220 Luxury Percale Queen Sheet Set, new in package
558.Teapot and Stand Marked Japan
559.New in Package Teledyne Water Pik Shower Massage
560."Feierabend" Beer Stein Made in Western Germany
Dimensions: 9" tall
561.2 Pair of Women's Size 8 High Heeled Shoes
562.Lot of 2 Adult Bicycle Helmets, good condition, bag of extra padding
563.Lot of 4 baskets, great condition
564.Flatlot-Christmas dcor items
565.Flatlot-Victorian Style Christmas Ornaments
566.Flatlot-Christmas Tree Dcor Items
567.Lot of 6 11x14" Wood Picture Frames, 5 are still wrapped in original plastic
568.Silverware Divider full of Silverware
569.Flatlot-Kitchen Utensils
570.Four Strands of 18' Pine Garland, New in package
571.U.S. Divers Snorkel Gear
572.Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Machine, excellent condition
573.Christmas dcor-Ornaments, Train, Tree Skirt, etc. See pics
574.550 Pc Santa's Snack Jigsaw Puzzle, Sealed new in box
575.What Movie is That? Quiz Jigsaw Puzzle, sealed new in plastic
576.Monopoly Game, sealed new in plastic
577.Marksman Shootin' Darts Air Pistol Dart Game, appears to be missing some of the darts
578.Game Winner Electronic Dartboard, appears never used, darts are still sealed in plastic bag
579.Animated Santa Display
580.Set of 2 Porcelain Cat Figurines
Dimensions: 8"
581.Lot of 2 Shelves
582.Lot of 2 Homco Wall Sconces
583.Wall dcor, mirrors, Hard wax Cherub candle holder
584.Cherub Wall Dcor
585.Ceramic Cat Bookends
Dimensions: 7" tall
586.Lot of 2 Glass Cat Candy Jars
587.New in Box Disney Princess Doll Set
588.Flatlot-Slicer, Cannisters, Bottles, etc.
589.Wood Jewelry Box
Dimensions: 7x5x7"
590.Flatlot-Bags, Fanny Packs
591.Coach Purse
592.Stuffed Ebeneezer Scrooge, Snowman, and Penguin
593.Mantle Clock
Dimensions: 13x3x12"
594.Flatlot-Light Timers, Little Girl's shoes, Christmas dcor, etc.
595.Very Nice Vera Bradley Purse, Coin purse, and Check book wallet. Super clean
596.Flatlot-Casters, Shut off timer, receptacles, Nails, Bell, etc.
597.Flatlot-Wire, Cables, Connectors, etc.
598.Flatlot- Cables, splices, etc.
599.Richard Caruso Molecular Hairsetter, Does not appear that it has ever been taken out of the box, curlers are still sealed in plastic
600.Aluminum Steaming(?) Pan
Dimensions: 11x9x5"
601.Men's Nike Cortez '72 Shoes size 8.5
602.2 pair of Women's Shoes, Nike are size 8 other is size 7.5
603.Small Flat of Mixed Jewelry
604.Very nice table lamp with Brass base and Tiffany-Style Lamp shade
Dimensions: 20" tall
605.Tupperware Cereal Container
606.Flatlot-Playing Cards, Blood Pressure Monitor, glucometer, religious books, Light bulb, etc.
607.Religious Study Books
608.Boxlot of work gloves
609.13" Mini Tower Fan
610.Women's High Heeled Boots Size 8.5, appear hardly worn
611.Lot of 4 Purses
612."Angels Gather Here" Angel Wings Statue
Dimensions: 13" tall
613.Max Collection Women's Red Flats, appear hardly worn but there is a scuff on one, see pics. Size 7.5 with box
614.Brand: Ellie
Women's Silver Heels, size 9, appear hardly if ever worn
615.Brand: Lalla
Women's High Heels, size 8, in box
616.Brand: Ashro
Women's Red/White/Black High heels, size 8, in box
617.Brand: Splash
Women's Denim Ankle Boots, size 7 1/2, in box
618.Brand: Hot Tomato
Silver High Heels, appear with very little wear, size 8 1/2, in box
619.Brand: Statutes
Silver high Heels, new with tags and box, size 8 1/2
620.Brand: Baker's
Wedge Sandals, Size 8, with box
621.Brand: Baker's
Wedge Sandals, Size 8, with box
622.Brand: Carlo's
Women's High Heels, Size 8 1/2, appear with very little wear, in box
623.Brand: Antonio Melani
Women's High Heels, Size 8 1/2, in box
624.Brand: Ashro
Women's Heels, size 8, in box
625.Brand: Pierre Dumas
Black Women's Heels, size 7 1/2 in box
626.Brand: Colin Stuart
Gold Women's Heels, size 8 1/2 in box
627.Christmas Scene Afghan
628.Disney's "The Lion King" Afghan
629.Baby/Toddler Quilt, Needs Cleaned, but no rips or tears
630.86x86" Quilt/Comforter
631.86x86" Quilt/Comforter
632.44x68" Throw
633.Very nice, heavy "Merry Christmas Twin Blanket with Santa Claus
634.Philippians 4:13 Afghan/throw
635.Brand: The Lion Crafters
Very Nice Knit Throw
636.Lot of 3 Fleece Throws
768.Boxlot of Women's Clothes
769.Large Boxlot of Mixed Clothes
770.Large Boxlot of Women's Clothes
771.Boxlot of Women's Clothes
772.Boxlot of Jeans, Women's Clothes
773.Boxlot of Women's Clothes
774.18 gallon tote of Women's Clothes
775.18 gallon tote Of Mixed Clothes
776.Boxlot of Jeans, Women's Clothes
777.Large Boxlot of Women's Clothes
778.18 gallon tote of Women's Clothes
779.18 gallon tote of Men's Jeans, clothes
780.Boxlot Little Boy's Clothes
781.Boxlot Men's Clothes
782.Boxlot Mixed Clothes
783.Boxlot Little Girl's Clothes
784.18 gallon tote of Jeans, Women's Clothes
785.Laundry Basket full of Mixed Clothes
786.Huge Boxlot of Mixed Clothes


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