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May 20 ~ Sunday Night Special ~ 9:00pm -

Item Description
All Items are sold AS-IS, we have done some testing & described as best we know. Some items have NOT been tested - We are not experts on every item, so PLEASE use preview dates to determine your bid.
1.Craftsman Electric Push Mower, 19", Motor not engaging, looks complete
2.Yard Machines 139 cc Push Mower. Rope broke and cable stuck, looks complete
3.Craftsman 16 Gallon Shop Vac, tested--works
4.Electric Fireplace
Dimensions: 40" tall, 40" wide, 13 1/2" deep
5.Very Nice Display Cabinet with 1 glass shelf, one glass panel cracked
6.Solid Wood 3 Drawer Dresser with 2 shelves
Dimensions: 45x31x17"
7.Small Presswood Book Shelf
Dimensions: 45x17x16"
8.Wooden Cabinet with Shelves
Dimensions: 30x19x29"
9.Solid Oak Wall Shelf Mirror with 4 Coat Hooks
Dimensions: 30x5x29"
11.Everglow Kerosene Heater, Looks complete
12.Red Bull Rolling Cooler
Dimensions: 16"D x 38"H
13.Cherry End Table with Drawer
Dimensions: 21x28x24"
14.5 gallon Shop Vac, tested works well
15.Full Size Truck Tool Box, Tuff Box Brand
16.600 lb Heavy Duty Dolly with air tires
17.2 Golf Bags and 7 clubs--Power Built Grand Slam
18.Vintage Chair, Very Nice
19.Industrial Rubbermaid Mop Bucket and Mop
20.4 x Fold Up Chairs, one seat has tears
21.Delonghi Radiator Heater with Thermostat, tested
22.Fold up Card Table
Dimensions: 30x30"
23.Folding 6ft HDPE Table
Dimensions: 30x72"
24.18x42" Fold up Sew Table
25.Beautiful Solid Granite Top Serving Table on Casters With Wine Rack
Dimensions: 48x24x36"
26.20x20" Fan, Like New, tested
27.Rhino Ramps Car Ramps Rated 4000 lbs
28.Small Metal Cabinet with 6 drawers
Dimensions: 12x10x30"
29.Aluminum Glider Frame
Dimensions: 44" wide
30.Craftsman Shop Stool with Adjustable Height
31.Shakespeare Micro Series Rod and Reel
Dimensions: 55" Pole
32.Quantum XR3 Open Reel and Rod
Dimensions: 74" long
33.Zebco 33 Rod and Reel
Dimensions: 72" long
34.Shakespeare CSP 30 Rod and Reel
Dimensions: 66" long
35.Glider Rocker and Stool
36.Child's Rocking Chair
37.Pet Cage
Dimensions: 24x18x21"
38.2 x Fold Up TV Tray Table
Dimensions: 15x19x26"
39.Antique Chair and Matching Couch
40.55" Tall 4 Shelf Entertainment Stand
Dimensions: 19x19x55"
41.Cedar Chest, needs some TLC, parts and pieces inside
Dimensions: 21x46x20"
42.Miscellaneous Car Parts--Headers, Heads, Oil Pans, etc.
43.Crate full of dried gourds
Dimensions: 23x16x10"
44.Fruit Basket
Dimensions: 14"D x 10"H
45.Wood Shelf
Dimensions: 24x9x6"
46.Nicely Framed Oval Mirror
Dimensions: 36x20"
47.Nicely Framed Home Interiors Print
48.Matching Framed Butterfly and Iris Prints
49.Nice Matted Picture Frame, Has hanger, but no backing
Dimensions: 14x17"
50.Oak Frame
Dimensions: 14x17"
51.Framed "Happily Ever After" Print
Dimensions: 24x10"
52.Vintage Wood Cage
Dimensions: 13x20x14"
53.Storage cube with lid
Dimensions: 14x14x14"
Notes: 2 x bid
54.Nicely Framed Teapot Print
Dimensions: 12x24"
55.Rooster Print with Hooks
Dimensions: 8x24"
56.Very Nice Standard Size Sleeping Bag, Very clean, great condition
57.32x 4 1/2" Piece of Barn board
58.Solid Wood Shelf with Pegs
Dimensions: 24x5x9"
59.DVD/Media Rack
Dimensions: 23x8 1/2x16"
60.Sterilite HDPE 3 Drawer Storage
Dimensions: 10x16x23"
61.HDPE 3 Drawer Storage
Dimensions: 12x16x24"
62.Lot of 3 Laundry Baskets
63.Louisville Slugger B-53 Bomber Softball Bat, 31/32" Handle, 32 oz
64.Knicknack Shelf
Dimensions: 11x33x5"
65.Adjustable Quad Cane
66.Adjustable Walker with Detachable Arm Rest
67.Solid Wood Magazine Rack
68.Electric Box Fan
69.Nicely Framed Signed Floral Print
Dimensions: 23x27"
70.Metal Corner Shelf
Dimensions: 10x16x34"
71.Patton Portable Electric Heater
72.Plaster of Paris Country Blacksmith Scene Wall Dcor, Has some chips--see pics
Dimensions: 23x12"
73.Large Basket with Greenery wall dcor
Dimensions: 14x28"
74.HDPE Patio Table with detachable legs
Dimensions: 38"D x 28" H
75.Solid Wood Mushroom Carving
Dimensions: 30" Tall x 13" Wide
76.Craftsman Metal Tool Chest on Casters with HDPE Divider on top
Dimensions: 28x19x34"
77.Side Table with Metal Base and Wood Top
Dimensions: 14x20x21"
78.Wicker Chest With Lid
Dimensions: 23x14x15"
79.Counter Stool with Metal Base and Wood Seat
Notes: 2 x bid
80.Vintage Wood Table, a little wobbly
Dimensions: 17x20x21"
81.2 x Corner Wood Shelves, one needs glue repair
Dimensions: 9" deep, 18" tall
82.Hanging Rustic 6 Pane Window
Dimensions: 18x32"
83.John Deere Stool
Dimensions: 14"D x 30"H
84.Rustic Wood Table/Stand
Dimensions: 15x27x16"
85.Holmes Window Fan, works
Dimensions: 10x21" With Adjustable width
86.Craft Rustic Wood Piket Fence
Dimensions: 36x36"
87.Metal Plant Stand
Dimensions: 10"D x 27"H
88.Small Table with Fold Down
Dimensions: 22x24x21"
89.Hoover Wind Tunnel Vac with Attachments, tested
90.Heater with push button controls, works
Dimensions: 11x11x29"
91.Unique Storage Cabinet
Dimensions: Front: 23x25", Box: 15x16", 11" Deep
92.Lawn Furniture: 4 Chairs and Table, Cushions look new
93.Lawn Glider Chair, looks new
Dimensions: 43" Wide
94.Roll Top Secretary Desk
Dimensions: 31x47x20"
95.Wood Table with Drawer -- Drawer Guides need Repaired
Dimensions: 25x40x30"
96.Very Nice 4 Drawer Dresser
Dimensions: 20x31x55", 9" deep drawers
116.7'-6" countertop and black metal cabinets with end panel, 22", 30", and 36" wide - 30" Deep x 36" Tall
117.30x30x36" cabinet with open bottom, nice for vanity
1807.Portable Electric Clip-On Lamp
1808.AC/DC LI-PO Charger
1809.50 ft (?) Heavy Duty Extension Cord
1810.Flatlot-Flashlights, Electrical wires and clips, see pics
1811.Tap and Die Set
1812.Flatlot-Tools, Air Pump, see pics
1813.Flatlot-Auto Testers, Magnifying shop glasses, lock with keys, etc. see pics
1814.Flatlot-Cleaning brushes
1815.Flatlot-Gorilla Glue, Plumber's tape, Metal Grinding Compound, etc.
1816.Flatlot-Solder Iron, Wire solder, solder paste, tape, etc.
1817.Hacksaw and Reversing Backsaw
1818.Flatlot-Ratchet Straps
1819.Measuring Tapes and Small Pry Bar
1820.Flatlot- Square, Caulk gun, Post and Pipe Level, Breakers, etc.
1821.Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses
Dimensions: 3/4" FH x3/4" FH x 5 ft
1822.Flatlot-Staple Guns, Metal Brackets, Adapter Plugs, drill bits, see pics
1823.Flatlot-Staples, Fasteners, Brad Nails, etc.
1824.Drill Bits
1825.Drill Bits
1826.Drill Bits
1827.Drill Bits
1828.Drill Bits
1829.Drill Bits
1830.Drill Bits
1831.Drill Bits
1832.Drill Bits
1833.Partial Home Repair Kit in HDPE Case
1834.Lubricating Gun, Wire Brush, Funnel, etc.
1835.Craftsman Metal Tool Box
Dimensions: 18x8x9"
1836.Lot of Punches
1837.Black and Decker Mouse Sander
1838.Lot of 16 Rubbermaid Metal 12" Support Braces
1839.Welding Helmet
1840.Storage Boxes- 2 are HDPE 7 1/2x6x4" and one is metal 8x7x8"
1841.Porter Cable 18 Volt Reciprocating Saw, no battery or charger
1842.15 Compartment Metal Storage box with Various clips, fasteners, etc.
Dimensions: 18 1/2x12x3"
1843.24 Compartment Metal Storage Box with Various sizes of screws
Dimensions: 18 1/2x12x3"
1844.24 Compartment Metal Storage Box with Various electrical supplies
Dimensions: 18 1/2x12x3"
1845.Craftsman 14" wide HDPE Tool box with metal pipes, brackets, unsure of what kind
1846.KingCraft Portable Electric Work Light
1847.Black and Decker Electric 7 1/4" Circular Saw
1848.Sealtest Milk Crate with Gardening Tools, Brake Fluid, Guard Dog Sign, Car Cleaner, etc.
1849.Large Flat of Screwdrivers, Wrenches, etc.
1850.Flatlot-Testers, Staple gun, Hammer, Protective Masks, etc.
1851.Actron AutoAnalyzer
1852.Craftsman Digital Multimeter
1853.Appr. 50 ft Extension Cord
1854.Electrical Wire with Outlet
1855.Appr. 50 ft Extension Cord
1856.Lights for top of car (?) Has magnetic base
1857.Large 15x18x9" Rubbermaid Drawer full of Auto Lamps, some new in package
1858.Flatlot-Large Socket Wrench, screwdrivers, Machine Screws, Vise Grips, Etc.
1859.Flatlot-Metal Electrical Box, Stihl 20" Chain for Saw, Hacksaw, Hammer, Bungee Cords, etc.
1860.Boxlot-Wooden level, Rubber hose/pipe, Caulk gun, metal hose, see pics
1861.Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer
1862.Large 125 V (?) Electrical Cord, see pics
1863.Craftsman Professional Rubber Handled Screwdrivers
1864.HDPE Tool Caddy and Impact Wrench
1865.Flatlot-Hammers, Garden Tool, Ratchet Strap, see pics
1866.Flatlot-Hammers, metal case, Hedge Trimmers, Come Along
1867.Flatlot-Rope, Hammers, Rubber Hose/pipe, Rotary Polisher, etc.
1868.Craftsman Screwdrivers, Socket Wrench, Sockets, Wrenches, etc.
1869.Flatlot-Electrical Outlets, Switches, Casters, Fluorescent Starters, see pics
1870.Large Flat of HDPE Electrical Boxes
1871.Large Flat of Electrical and Plumbing Supplies
1872.Flatlot-Tools, Tape Gun, L.E.D. Accent Lights, see pics
1873.Flatlot-Closet and Shelf Brackets
1874.Lot of 7 Valves
1875.Set of 4 8x10" Metal Shelf Brackets
1876.Lot of tools-screwdrivers, brushes, etc.
1877.Flat of tools-Saw, Lubrigun, pry bar, pliers, etc.
1878.Lot of tools-Pipe Wrench, wrenches, Sockets, etc.
1879.Lot of Screwdrivers
1880.HDPE Tool Box With Contents
Dimensions: 18x10x12"
1881.Set of 3 Metal 12" Shelf Brackets
1882.Set of 3 Metal 16" Shelf Brackets
1883.Set of 4 19x13" Shelf Brackets
1884.Intex Hi Output Airpump
1885.Large lot of Rubber Hose/Pipes
1886.Hose Sprayers
1887.130 lb. Garage Door Extension Spring
1888.Appears New in Box Foot Pump, box has some damage
1889.Sealtest Milk Crate with Football, Soccer ball, basketballs, baseballs, etc.
1890.Flatlot-Perfume, Digital Camera, Lights for car, Lighter Fluid, Blank Memorex CD-R, etc
1891.Flatlot-Collectible Glasses, Milkglass, Metal Dish, see pics
1892.Flatlot-Office Supplies, Conch Shell, V-Tech toy, Carved Elephant, etc.
1893.DVD Player
1894.Cast Iron Skillet--No markings visible, measures 12" across the top
1895.Mini Cast Iron Skillet--No markings visible, measures 5" across top
1896.Lot of old jars-Ball, Atlas, Blue glass jars, etc. see pics
1897.Lot of 2 Large Pickle Jars-3 1/2" Mouth and 10" tall
1898.2 Purses-Gold and Silver, very clean, good condition
1899.Porcelain dolls on stand
Dimensions: 16" tall
1900.Vintage Makeup Case
1901."Hope" and "Pray" Wall dcor
Dimensions: 16x7"
1902.Porcelain Basin
Dimensions: 17x14x4"
1903.Flatlot-Baby and Toddler Shoes
1904.Lot of 8 DVD's in Redbox Cases-Minions, Harry Potter, Trainwreck, The Last Witch Hunter, Cars, etc.
1905.New in Package-Bussman Fuse Bonus Pack
1906.Pink/Maroon/Green Crocheted Throw
1907.Anchor Hocking 7 qt Glass Punch Bowl
1908.Package of 3 Taylor Made Golf Balls
1909.Shoe box lot of vintage pens, pencils, markers, etc.
1910.Lot of 40+ Music CD's in cases-Rod Stewart, Michael Bolton, Marvin Gaye, etc.
1911.Everlast Forged Aluminum Dish With Lid
Dimensions: 9"Dx4"H
1912.Vintage Burroughs Electric Adding Machine
1913.Vintage Burroughs Adding Machine
1914.Plastic Tarp
1915.72x94" Plastic Tarp with Grommets, no holes
1916.Cook Rite Stoneware 10" Baking Dish
1917.Vintage Glasbake Milk Glass 8x8" Baking Dish
1918.Pet Library's Advanced Aquarist Guide
1919.Holmes AccuTemp Portable Electric Heater
1920.Car Cigarette Lighter Powered Vacuum
1921.Shop Vac 1.0 HP Wet-Dry Vacuum
1922.Mixed lot-Stanley Staples, 2" Screws, Vacuum Bags and belt, Work Gloves, Dog Leash, Ice Scraper, etc.
1923.Set of 12 8" Glass Plates
1924.Flatlot-Crate & Barrel Glass Candy Dish, Paper weights, Cat Food Dish, Dad Photo Frame, etc.
1925.5" Frog Figurine, Duck, Pottery Bowls
1926.Vintage PlasticWare
1927.Vintage Ball, Mason, and Kerr Pint Canning Jars, Lot of 17
1928.Heart Baking Pan
Dimensions: 13x8"
1929.Steel Master Filing Cabinet with 2 4x5" Drawers
Dimensions: 12x16x5 1/2"
1930.Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
1931.Set of 4 New 50 lb Large Bicycle Hooks
1932.Easter Bunny Dcor
1933.HDPE Paint Tray with Paint Roller and Various Tools/Hardware
1934.Tote full of HDPE Hangers
1935.Campbell Hausfield Car Cigarette Lighter Air Pump
1936.Roll of 20" Plastic Wrap
1937.Vintage Homco Wall Dcor, Vintage Plastic Storage Container with Rose on Lid, Tootsie Roll Bank
1938.Flatlot-Vintage Kitchen Items
1939.Snowman Dish and Soap Dispenser
1940.Huge Fruit Flat with Vintage Glass Dishes, Pottery, Vases, etc. See Pics
1941.Flatlot-Small U.S. Seal Crock, Walt Disney World Ash (?) Tray, Corn Wall Dcor, Playing Cards, etc.
1942.Quart Size Thermos Brand Stainless Steel Thermos with Carrying Case
1943.Flatlot-Perfumes, Nail Polish Remover, Shaving Cream, etc.
1944.Flatlot-Office Supplies, Activity Books, Thread, Cigarette Maker, etc.
1945.Stainless Steel Quart Size Travel Centers of America Thermos
1946.Lot of 3 DieCast Model Cars
1947.Country Paper Towel Dispenser with Storage Box
1948.44x72" Moving Blanket
1949.Baby Looney Tunes Blanket
1950.Halloween Dcor
1951.Lot of 7 Adult Books
1952.Nice, Brightly Colored Crocheted Throw
1953.Vintage Glasses, Decanter, and Sango Dishes
1954.37, 40, 46" Flatscreen TV Stand
1955.Small Flatlot of Plastic Toys/Figures
1956.Boxlot-Clear Glass Drinking Glasses
1957.Lot of 10 13" Pizza Baking Pans
1958.Coca Cola Glasses, Kentucky Derby Glass, Lighthouse Soap Dispenser, Teddy Bear Print, etc.
1959.Vintage American Legion Hats with Medals
1960.Coffee Mugs-Some Stoneware, Milk Glass
1961.Boxlot-Toy Trucks--Tonka, etc.
1962.Insulated Camo Coveralls, Size Medium
1963.Camo Button Up Shirt, Can't read size, appears Large
1964.UK Sweatshirt, Youth 16-18
1965.Lot of 2 Khaki Men's Lightweight Jackets, size Large
1966.Vintage Letterman's-Type Lightweight Jacket, Size Medium
1967.Lightweight "Flyer's" Jacket, Size XL
1968.Men's flannel-lined jacket, no size, appears large
1969.Reversible Adidas Jacket, no size, appears XL
1970.Women's Lightweight Zip up Sweatshirt, Size XL
1971.Long Length Leather Jacket with Removable Liner, Size 4XL
1972.Dickie's Thermal Lined Zip Up Sweatshirt/Jacket, Size XL
1973.Nice Women's Small Jacket with fur-like lining
1974.Levi's Lined Denim Jacket, no size, appears Large or XL
1975.Package with 6 60 watt Energy Saving Bulbs
1977.Vintage Spice Containers
1978.Large Stack of Vintage 1970's and 1980's Magazines and Newspapers
1980.Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers
1982.Lot of Magazines from the 60's and 70's--LOOK, McCall's, Ladie's Home Journal, Mechanix Illustrated
1984.Old Metal Tonka Dump Truck
Dimensions: 10" tall
1986.Nice Heavy Glass Dish on Pedestal (8" tall) and Round Glass Globe
1987."Jack and Jill" Musical Figurine
Dimensions: 7" tall
1988.Oversized Beer Mug
Dimensions: 8" tall
1989.Black/White NFL twin sized blanket
1990.Lot of 12 planters, various sizes
1991."Shazam" 1991 Collectible Plate for Boys and Girls Club
Dimensions: 9"
1992.12" Kensington Platter, 8 and 9" Pyrex Pie Dishes, and 2 pie pans
1993.Pretty Blue Flower Saucers, Tea Cups and Bowls
1994.Box of 12 Mixed Mason and Ball Pint Canning Jars
1995.New in Package Gas Range Connector
1996.Vintage Metal Wall Dcor
Dimensions: 14" D
1997.Lot of 12 Glass Jars with Lids
1998.10x14" Serving Platter
1999.Large Flat of Glass Items--Casserole Dish, Milk Glass Vases and Planter, Canning Jars, Kerosene Lamp, etc.
2000.Metal Coca Cola Trash Can
Dimensions: 13" tall
2001.Vintage Coffee/Tea (?) Warmer/Dispenser
Dimensions: 14" tall
2002.Little Tykes HDPE Bulldozer
2003.Lot of Karate Belts
2004.Vintage Metal Desk Lamp
2005.Very Heavy Glass Vase with Bird in stand
2006.Collection of Men's Wallets
2007.Hampton Forge 7" Kitchen Knive in Case
2008.Flatlot-Hardcover books
2009.Flatlot-Hardcover books
2010.Flatlot-Hardcover books
2011.Flatlot-Hardcover books
2012.Milk Crate Full of Vintage Children's Books
2013.Wooden "Bread" Cutting Board
2014.Vintage French Mustard Jar
2015.Better Homes and Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs The Essential Reference Book
2016.Bald Eagle Figurine, Clear heavy glass
Dimensions: 8" Tall
2017.Very Nice Vintage Brass (?) Lamp Base
Dimensions: 21" tall
2018.Cincinnati Reds Hot/Cold Cup and Autographed Cincinnati Reds Baseball
2019.Wood "Country Bath" Sign with Pegs
Dimensions: 10x15"
2020.Lot of 2 Nice, heavy duty Baskets
2021.Large Plush Garfield, needs some cleaning
Dimensions: 26"
2022.Billiard Ball Set
Notes: 2 x bid
2023.Flatlot-Red Glass Vase, Miniature Lamp, old bottles, Swan Glass Trinket Box, etc.
2024.Flatlot-Pop up Oreo Cups, Coca-Cola Glasses, Scar Gel, Christmas Cards, Envelopes, etc.
2025.Ceramic Cannister Set
2026.Vintage Small 1 1/2 pint Pyrex Bowl
2027.Rival Electric Food Grinder
2028.Lot of 4 Evansville Yearbooks
2029.Flatlot-Glass Bowls, Lighthouse paperweight, Precious Moments and Tigger Mugs, Blood Pressure Monitor, etc.
2030.Lot of 6 Spring/Summer Table decorations and 6 Green glass dishes
2031.Nice, Large Makeup Bag
2032.Flatlot-School/office supplies
2033.Flatlot-Lithium Batteries, Zippo lighter fluid, super glue, mounting tape, nails, etc.
2034.Lot of 2 Garden Angel Statues. One has a hole in the wing, see pics
Dimensions: 10" tall
2035.Flatlot-Nail polish, Hook n Loop Tape, Puzzle, trinket box, etc.
2036.Hanging Garden Signs
2037.Lion Family Statue
Dimensions: 12" tall
2038.Wood Bird Feeder
Dimensions: 8x4x10"
2039.Emerson Binoculars
2040.Dremel 7700 with Battery, Charger, and attachments
2041.Junk Drawer Flatlot
2042.Flatlot-3" Screws, Liquid Nails, Tools, etc.
2043.Flatlot-Canning lids, 2 cans spray paint mostly full, Rug Gripper, Laundry bag, Sewing supplies, etc.
2044.Lot of 3 9x8x6" Crates, good for storing CD's or DVD's
2045."Home is where our story begins" Plaque
Dimensions: 14x7"
2046.Lot of 2 Tie-On Chair Cushions
Dimensions: 16x15"
2047.Flatlot-Beanie Baby Robin with tag, Vintage piano toy, X Box Remote, Toy Horse, etc.
2048.Flatlot-Buckhead Drinkware Hot/Cold Cup, Cat litter Deodorizer, Lightbulbs, shelf, etc.
2049.New in Package "Country Girl" Emblem for car or truck
2050.Levi's Miss Size 16 M Jeans, good condition
2051.Levi's Miss Size 16 M Black Denim Jeans, Good Condition
2052.Levi's Women's size 12 Long Denim Jeans, good condition
2053.Portable lamp with wire shade
2054.Rustic Wood Shelf
Dimensions: 16x18x4"
2055.Wire Fence/Cage Material
Dimensions: 24" long
2056.Lined Zip Up Camo Jacket, size Medium
2057.Wood Shelf
Dimensions: 24x6x5"
2058.Lot of Mis-Matched Dishes: Homer Laughlin, Southampton Stoneware, Dynasty
2059.Flat of Saws, Cable, Level, etc.
2060.2 Purses New with tags
2061.Lot of 5 Boyd's Bears Resin Figurines and a Boyd's Water Globe
2062.3 Rolls of 12x30" Vinyl Non-Slip Liner
2063."Land of the Free" 4th of July wreath
Dimensions: 15" Diameter
2064.Musical Light Up Angel, Requires batteries
Dimensions: 18" tall
2065.Boxlot of Children's Books
2066.Lot of 12 Disposable Baking Pans-- (2) 16x11x2 1/2", (6) 11x9x2 1/2", (2) 11x9x4, and (2) 9" Round pans
2067.Lot of 20+ LIFE Magazines from the 1960's
2068.Lot of 5 Vintage Pint Canning jars with fruit pattern
2069.Lot of 20+ LIFE Magazines from the 1960's
2070.Christmas Around the World Wooden and Brass Sleigh
Dimensions: Total length is 22"
2071.M&M Roller Coaster Candy Dispenser
Dimensions: 11" tall
2072.Wii Sports Game
2073.New with Tags Blue LED Single Hanging Jumbo Bulb for Christmas
2074.Set of 3 Corning Ware Cornflower Casserole Dishes, all with lids 10", 2 1/2 quart and 1 3/4 quart
2075.New in Box Wilton Wedding Guest Book with Pen
2076.Nikon Coolpix S6200 Digital Camera, looks nearly brand new
2077.Signature Bathware Towel Ring
2078.Engrave It Pro, Polisher, Craft Wire, Scissors
2079.Sun Ornament with Blue Glass Face
2080.Pyrex 4 cup glass measuring cup
2081.Coca Cola Glass Pitcher
Dimensions: 6" D x 8" H
2082.Very cute Rooster Shelf Sitter
Dimensions: 15" Long, 8" tall
2083.Lot of 4 Porcelain Dolls
Notes: 10 x bid
Notes: 10 x bid
Notes: 10 x bid
2087.Exercise DVD's
2088.Vintage Wood File Card Box
Dimensions: 8x6x4"
2089.Vintage Glass Bottles
2090.Monkey Neck Pillow and Massager
2091.Playmate Cooler
Dimensions: 14x10x14"
2092.Lot of Kids VHS movies
2093.New in Box Glow in The Dark Sand Art
2094."Gone with the Wind" Melanie Doll
Dimensions: 12"
2095.Collectible Porcelain Doll with box
Dimensions: 16"
2096.Primitive Look Bunny
Dimensions: 19"
2097.Amp Energy Charger new in box for 30 pin Apple Devices
2098.King James Version Family Bible, do not see any writing in it
2099.Cen-Tech Infrared Thermometer
2100.Arrow Heavy Duty Staple Gun and Staples
2101.All New in Package-- 7 pack Wash Cloths, Foam Plates, Stapler
2102.Under the Sea Wall Dcor, 3 pieces
Dimensions: 7x10"


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