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August 26 ~ Sunday Night Special ~ 9:00pm -

Item Description
All Items are sold AS-IS, we have done some testing & described as best we know. Some items have NOT been tested - We are not experts on every item, so PLEASE use preview dates to determine your bid.
1.Cabinet Top Only
Dimensions: 21x41x53"
2.Cushioned Chair
Dimensions: 20x19x38"
Notes: 2 x Bid
3.Wicker Clothes Hamper
Dimensions: 12x16x21"
4.Minnie Mouse Kitchen Playset
Dimensions: 13x22x36"
5.Love Seat with Duel Recliners
6.Vintage Trunk
Dimensions: 18x36x21"
7.Vintage Cushion Seat Rocking Chair
8.Little Tikes Workshop
Dimensions: 18x22x41"
9.Adjustable Reading Lamp
Dimensions: 57" Tall
10.Tote Full of Miscellaneous Items
11.Golds Gym Exercise Ball
13.Stick Horse
Dimensions: 42" Long
14.Set of Bed Rails
15.Long Handle Garden Hoe
16.Wood Handle Lopping Shears
17.Post Hole Diggers
18.Walking Cane
Notes: 2 x Bid
19.Ram 50 Grill
20.Digging Fork
21.40" Garden Spade Shovel
22.Round Point Shovel
23.Grubbing Hoe
24.Yard Tool With 42" Handle
25.Women's Huffy Bike
26.Oval Mirror
Dimensions: 25x31"
27.Next Kid's Bike
28.Wooden Table
Dimensions: 12x21x15"
29.Bissell Power Force Bagless Vacuum, Tested
30.Night Stand
Dimensions: 15x16x24"
31.5 Shelf Entertainment Stand
Dimensions: 18x22x53"
32.5 Drawer Dresser
Dimensions: 18x27x49"
33.King Size Headboard with Rails
Dimensions: 32x46x31"
35.Antique Solid Maple Bed Head and Foot Board and Rails
36.3 Drawer Night Stand
Dimensions: 17x26x31"
37.5 Shelf Entertainment Stand
Dimensions: 19x21x44"
38.Large Wall Hanging Beveled Glass Mirror
Dimensions: 49x52"
39.Bench / Toy Box, Needs TLC
Dimensions: 17x32x30"
40.2 Golf Club Bags with Clubs and Golf Balls
41.Red Bull Roll Around Display Cooler
42.Computer Desk with Roll Outs
Dimensions: 20x31x68"
43.Hanging Wooden Knick Knack Shelf
Dimensions: 5x36x13"
44.Knick Knack Shelf
Dimensions: 4x6x28"
45.Delta 5' Bed Tool Box
46.Pro Tecta Box Truck Box with Contents
47.Imitation Brick Flower Pot Display
Dimensions: 10x50x36"
48.Vintage Cedar Lined Chest
Dimensions: 18x46x24"
49.Vintage High Back Chair
Dimensions: 28" Wide x 46" Tall
51.Vizio 42" LED TV -- Powers on, no remote
52.Car Spoiler with Brake Lights
Dimensions: 6x56"
53.Vintage 66" Long Bar Clamp
54.Various Size Steel and Aluminum Pipe
Dimensions: 24" Up to 60"
55.Bed Rails
Notes: 2 x Bid
56.Bed Rails with Wood Slats for Mattress
57.Car Exhaust Pipes
58.2005 Grateful Dead Poster
59.Knick Knack Wood Shelf
Dimensions: 20x24x5"
60.8 Large Fold Up Cardboard Boxes
61.1988 Zebco Kid's Mickey Mouse Rod & Reel
62.Shakespear Kids Disney Princess Rod & Reel
63.Johnson 30" Long Rod & Reel
64.Vintage Rod & Reel
Dimensions: 53" Long
66.Stainless Trash Can, Lid Broke
67.22" K-Mart Box Fan, Tested
68.Rigid 6' Cable Drain Cleaner
69.Glass Shelf Lot (8) Rounded 8 1/2x32; (1) 12x28; (1) 16x22
70.Kids Leather Rocking Chair
72.Large Area Rug 8x10'
73.Chair on Casters
Dimensions: 18" D x 19W x 32" H
74.Baby Bed and Mattress
75.Twin Size Bed Springs
Dimensions: 38x72"
76.End Table, Missing Center Glass
Dimensions: 24x24x24"
77.Leather Couch and Love Seat
78.Floral Print Couch -- Needs TLC
79.Wood Table
Dimensions: 36x60x30"
80.Multiple Size Pipe
Dimensions: 1 1/2 and 2" 7 to 12' Lengths
81.Wood Worker Parts & Pieces Lot
82.Decorative Lights
2x Bid
83.Kids Fold Up Chair
84.Kids Lawn Chair
85.14 Gallon Tote With Lid
86.18 Gallon Tote With Lid
87.Vintage Hanging Electric Light
88.Sterilite 62 Quart Tote
89.2 Air Mattresses and Pump
90.Paint Gun with Accessories
Notes: 3 x Bid
91.Metal Bolt Bin With Contents
92.(2) 5 Gallon Buckets of Blasting Sand
93.Sterilite 3 Drawer Cabinet
94.Hoover Spin & Scrub, Tested
95.Hand Saw
96.Hanging Quilt Rack, Needs Repaired
97.Antique Shoe Horn
98.4" Diameter Exhaust Extension
Dimensions: 17" Long
99.Kids Yard Rake and Shovel
100.Wooden Knick Knack Shelf
Dimensions: 11x25x2 1/2"
101.Trailer Jack / Dolly
102.Wicker Chair
103.Antique Table, Legs are Removable
Dimensions: 20x20x27"
104.GE Microwave
105.Dollhouse with Contents, Door Needs Repaired
106.62 Quart Tote With Lid
107.2 Plastic Trash Cans
108.36" Tall Santa
109.Coleman Cooler
Dimensions: 14x9x14"
110.Hanging Knick Knack Shelf
Dimensions: 24x32x4"
111.Rustic Tin Panel Mirror
Dimensions: 26x26"
112.Metal Wall Hanging
Dimensions: 24x32"
113.Wall Hanging
Dimensions: 17x29"
114.Wood Framed Mirror
Dimensions: 21x35"
115.Dale Jr. Framed Poster
Dimensions: 22x19"
116.Desert Shield Framed T-Shirt
Dimensions: 17x22"
117.Lot of 4 Pictures / Frames
118.Rustic Hanging Mirror
Dimensions: 27x39"
119.Chalk Board / White Board Sign
Dimensions: 18x23"
120.3 Wood Door Frames
Dimensions: 19.5x27.5"
121.Black & Decker Shrub Trimmers, Tested
122.4 Piece Brooms, Mop, & Handle
123.23" Hand Saw
124.Vintage Popkane in Original Display
125.Walking Cane
126.6 Chairs and Dining Table, Cushions need TLC
127.Large Sofa Chair
128.Oak Dining Table
Dimensions: 42" Diameter x 29" Height
129.Wood End Table
Dimensions: 29x27x28"
Notes: 2 x Bid
130.Display Cabinet, Missing Shelves
Dimensions: 12x12x72"
131.6 Drawer Dresser
Dimensions: 16x47x28"
132.Wood Stand
Dimensions: 10x48x30"
133.Rustic Cedar Chest
Dimensions: 21x44x14"
134.Lane Cedar Chest, Needs Repair Work
Dimensions: 42x15x18"
135.TV Stand for Flat Screen TV 18x42x50"
136.Multi Game Table
137.Antique Vanity
Dimensions: 22x40x57"
138.RCA VHS, Powers on
139.Toshiba HD DVD Player, Powers on
140.Samsung DVD/VHS Player, Powers on
141.Weight Bar with 80 lbs of weight
142.Vintage Vinyl Seat Rocking Chair
143.Frigidaire AC Window Unit
144.Antique Storage Trunk
Dimensions: 16x32x19"
145.2 Pieces of Metal
Dimensions: 16x33x1/4" and 19.5x25x1/8"
146.Replacement Window
Dimensions: 33x29"
147.Wrought Iron Stand
Dimensions: 12x12x27"
148.Rounded Top Window
Dimensions: 38x58"
149.Free Style Scooter, Tires need air
150.5' Aluminum Step Ladder
151.10x10' Gazebo, Looks Complete
152.Hose Mobile
153.Vintage Night Stand
Dimensions: 11x17x22"
154.Fold Up Walker
155.Wrought Iron Plant Stand
Dimensions: 16x22x26"
156.Vintage Telephone Stand
Dimensions: 10x14x33"
157.Bed Side Commode
158.Pet Carrier
159.Antique Shelf with Mirror
Dimensions: 10x37x62"
160.50 lb Bag of Dog Food
161.Replacement Window
Dimensions: 29x33"
162.Cedar Chest, Needs Repair / TLC
Dimensions: 17x37x14"
163.End Table
164.5 Piece Lawn Furniture -- Table Top Cracked
165.Tote of Garden Hoses, Multiple Sizes
166.Brinkman Smoker and Grill
167.Vintage School Desk
Dimensions: 18x24x33"
168.Radiator Heater, Powers on
170.Vintage Stool -- Neat Project
171.Vintage Vagabond Ice Chest
172.Adjustable Height Medical Chair
173.Vintage Hardwood Fireplace Mantle
Dimensions: 8x54x50"
174.Rubbermaid Storage -- Looks Complete
175.Underwood Vintage Typewriter
176.Large GraniteWare Metal Pots
178.Vintage Red Metal Chair
Notes: 4 x Bid
179.Boxlot Clothes / Blankets
Notes: 8 x Bid
180.ProFlex Gel Joint Sealer -- Sealed Boxes
Notes: 11 x Bid
181.Metal Trash Can With Contents
182.Squirrel Feeder on Pole
183.1000 lb Engine Support Bar
184.Yard Wrought Iron Basket Holder
Dimensions: 80" Tall
185.Miscellaneous Lot of PVC / Steel Pipe and Angle and Rod
186.Truck Bed Bar Stop Adjustable Size
187.Wicker Baskets
Dimensions: 9" D x 24" H
188.36" Portable Closet
189.Adjustable Height Window Squeegee
190.Antique Torch
191.Sapling Planting Hoe
192.4 Reflective Marker Posts
Dimensions: 48" Tall
193.Fold Up Luggage Dolly
194.Ax (Head Loose)
195.Wooden Ball Bat
196.Aluminum Ball Bat
Dimensions: 30" Long
760.Lot of 2 New with Tags Christmas Tinsel Dcor
Dimensions: 22" Tall
761.Cathay Collection Indian Porcelain Doll in original box
Dimensions: 15" tall
762.Small Vintage Wooden Globe
Dimensions: 10" D x 10" H
763.Lot of 4 Vases / Dcor Items
764.Flashlight with Tool Kit Inside
765.Flatlot -- Dcor Items
766.Flatlot -- Halloween Decorations
767.Flatlot -- Oversized Coffee Mugs
768.Cardboard Storage Cannister
Dimensions: 11 1/2" D x 19" Tall
769.Flatlot -- Dale Earnhardt / Nascar Collectibles, Lighthouses, Pins & Buttons, Etc.
770.Nice Picnic Basket With Lining
Dimensions: 18x12x7 1/2"
771.Nice Basket With Hinged Lid
Dimensions: 14x10x10"
772.Unique Cylindrical Basket with Hinged Lid
Dimensions: 14 1/2x6x6"
773.Battery Operated Birds in Birdcages -- Lot of 2
Dimensions: 8" Tall
774.Brother LS 2020 Sewing Machine -- Powers On
775.Vintage Tupperware Bowl with Lid
Dimensions: 13" Diameter, 5" Deep
776.New in Package Learn To Knit Kit
777.Solid Wood Storage Box
Dimensions: 10x6x4"
Notes: 11 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
Notes: 9 x Bid
783.Seasons of Full House DVD's and Various Loose DVD's, etc.
784.Flatlot -- Knives, Kitchen Utensils
785.Kids DVD's
Notes: 7 x Bid
Notes: 10 x Bid
787.Flatlot -- Plastic Toys, Wooden Trains, etc.
788.Flatlot -- Sprayer, Indian Jewelry Box, Shedding Blade for Dogs, Avon Car, etc.
789.Flatlot -- Dcor Items, Trinket Box, etc.
790.Heavy (Cast Iron ?) Cross
Dimensions: 8x11"
791.Napa Valley Wooden Crate
Dimensions: 12x11x5 1/2"
792.Syroco Wall Shelf
Dimensions: 19x8x7"
793.Flatlot -- Old Glass Bottle, Pair of Vintage Picture Frames, Jewelry Box, Jesus Print, etc.
794.Discover Pilates Instructional Book and DVD
795.Mixed Lot -- Wooden Boxes, Candle holders, Dcor Items, Coasters, etc.
796.Dale Earnhardt Cooler on Wheels
797.Reader's Digest Householder's Survival Manual HB Book
798.Fish Basket
799.Mixed Lot -- Dcor Items, Willow Tree, etc.
800.HDPE File Box
801.Metal 4 Cup Candle Holder
Dimensions: 7x7x12"
802.Box Full Of HDPE Clothes Hangers
803.HDPE File Box
804.Lot of 2 Decorative Boxes
Dimensions: 14" Tall
805.Copper Finish Garbage Can or Decorative Vase
Dimensions: 14 D x 16" H
806.Kitchen Utensils In Container
807.Flatlot -- Lamp Base, Party Shot Cups, Windchime, Trinket Box, etc.
808.Bowling Pin
Dimensions: 15" tall
809.Bathroom Garbage Can Full of Hangers
810.Ceramic Electric Lamp Base -- Has Some Cracks
Dimensions: 15" tall
811.Jewelry Box
Dimensions: 9x4x12"
812.Farberware Knives in Block
813.Round Wicker Vase
Dimensions: 6"D x 13" H
814.Wood Knick Knack Shelf
Dimensions: 8 1/2x 2 1/2x13"
815.Barbie Bilingual Kid's "Laptop" Game
816.Sterilite 3 Drawer Organizer
Dimensions: 7x8x7"
817.Bag of Mega Bloks
818.Flatlot -- Kids Card Games, Lisa Frank Stickers, Crayons / Markers, Recordable CD's, etc.
819.Flatlot -- Old Medicine Bottles, Liquor Bottle, Avon Bottles, etc.
820.Mixed Lot -- Roman Angel Statue / Figure, 3 Vases, Plaque
821.Ceramic Christmas Tree
Dimensions: 11" Tall
822.Lot of (6) 8x10" Photo Frames and 2 Photo Albums
823.Vintage Peewee Herman Doll -- Cord on back pulls out, but you can't understand what it's saying.
Dimensions: 17" long
824.Flatlot -- HDPE Horse, Manicure Nail Shiner and Buffer, Breast Cancer Awareness Checkbook Cover, Mini Etch A Sketch, etc.
825.Flatlot -- Old Liquor Bottle, Avon Bottles, etc.
826.4 Rolls of Kerlix Gauze, Ankle Brace, Knee Pad
827.Flatlot -- Old Bottles, Avon Bottles, etc.
828.Flatlot -- Mini Glue Gun, Novelty Items, Shell Elephant Figurine, etc.
829.HDPE Basket With Colored Printer Paper, Paint Brushes, Scissors, etc.
830.Java For Dummies Book
831.Flatlot -- Music Box, Trivet, Miniature Lamp, Frog Figurine, etc.
832.Decorative Plates, Wooden Cross, "Don't Quit" Plaque, etc.
833.Vases, Candle Holder, Mirror, Miniature Pitcher, etc.
834.Pocket Scale
835.Little Girls Size 7 Tennis Shoes
836.Tote Bag With Sunscreen, Goggles, Balls, Swimming Items, Sunglasses, etc.
837.Shoebox Tote with Various Occasion Greeting Cards
838.Mixed Lot -- Dcor Items, Jewelry Box, Ceiling Light Cover, etc.
839.Precious Moments Figurine, Whispers from Heaven Figurines, Vase, etc.
840.Stoneware Bowl
Dimensions: 6" D x 4" H
841.Tucker Tote with Lid
Dimensions: 14x10x8"
842.HDPE Portable Fruit & Veggie Tray
843.Lot of 2 Nice Large Baskets and Metal Vase
844.Small Picnic Basket
Dimensions: 14x8x5"
845.Flatlot -- Tools
846.Flatlot -- 10 Notepads, Crayons & Colored Pencils, Sewing Items, Small wood Box, etc.
847.Flatlot -- Decorative Stone, Figurine, Shower Hooks, etc.
848.Flatlot -- Handy Stitch, Glue Gun, Wood Box & Contents, etc.
849.Lot of 2 Tape Guns
850.Cow Milk Bottle and Happy Birthday Mug
851.Lot of VHS Movies
852.Wii Fit Board
853.Flatlot -- Halloween Decorations and Halloween T-Shirts
854.Flatlot -- Toys, Toy Walkie Talkies, Tweety Bird Jewelry Box, etc.
855.Women's Shoes and Belts. High Heels are size 6, Boots are size 8.
856.Jim Shore February Angel Figurine and Heart Warmers Angel Figurine
857.Boxlot -- Christmas Dcor
858.Purple Leopard Print Fleece Throw
859.Snowflake Fleece Throw
860.Burgandy Fleece Throw
861.Manicure Items and Small Purse
863.Lot of Curtain Panels
864.Dale Earnhardt Plaque, Dale Jr. Car, Moccasins, Bear Figurines, Miniature Brief Case, Case with Fasteners, Desk Reference Library, etc.
865.Tub Full of Baseballs, Softballs, and Mitt
866.Lot of Ink Pens, Gel Pens, Flashlights, etc.
867.Large Green Glass Dishes and 1956 Calendar Plate
868.Flatlot -- Christmas Lights, Ornaments, etc.
869.Continental Electric Toaster
870.Flatlot -- Ball Jelly Jars, 12 Shopkins Cups, Small Portable Heater, Wine Glass, etc.
871.New in Package -- Create-A-Scene Wall Wrap 4 ft x 55 ft. For Indoor/Outdoor Use
872.Lot of Clear Glass Items -- Candy Dish, Sugar Dish, Creamer, Serving Dishes, etc.
873.Decorative Floral Mesh -- New in Package
Dimensions: 21 in. x 10 yd
874.Lot of Alvin & the Chipmunks and Mickey Mouse Records
875.Very Cute -- Pooh and Piglet Throw
Dimensions: 33x48"
876.Lot of 3 Religious Books / Bibles and Case
877.Today's Home Apple Dishes -- 4 Dinner Plates, 4 Bread and Butter Plates, 3 Bowls, and 4 Mugs
878.HDPE Flower Shaped Storage Case and Contents
879.Little Girls Three Sided StopLight-Like Electric Light
880.Flatlot -- Japanese Books, Recordable CDs, Battery and Charger, Dog Tie Out Stake, etc.
881.Flatlot -- Tools and Pocket Knives
882.Flatlot -- Gardening Gloves, Flask, Calculator, Ear Buds, Etc.
883.2 Boxes of Christmas Lights and Light House Ornaments
884.Storage Bag Full of Sheets, Blankets, etc.
885.Hello Kitty and CareBear Fleece Throws -- Need Cleaning
886.Queen Size Comforter -- Good Condition
887.Sealed 32 Fl Oz Bottle of Valvoline Brake Fluid
888.Mirro Pressure Cooker
Dimensions: 10" D x 6" H
889.Complete Deck Book and Front Yard Idea Book
890.Backgammon Board Game
891.Harley Davidson Boots, Size 8 1/2
892.Decorative Box
Dimensions: 7x5x5"
893.Cute Wire Basket with Bath Items
894.Lot of 3 Large Seashells
895.Kids Singer Sewing Machine -- Cord is Broken
896.Battery Operated Food Scale
897.Vase and Cast Iron Book End
898.Lot of 4 Crocks and 2 Vases, Largest Crock is 6" Tall, 4" Diameter
899.Cast Iron Clothes Iron, Marked "8"
Dimensions: 9" Tall
901.Small Quilt, Needs Cleaned
Dimensions: 36x42"
902.2 Pair of Kids Swimming Flippers
903.Laundry Bag and Towels
904.Lot of 6 Candle Holders
905.Thomas Kinkade Romans 15:13 Tapestry Throw, Very Good Condition
906.Russ 13" Teddy Bear With Ear Tag
907.Lot of 6 Purses
908.50th Anniversary Nascar Barbie in Damaged Box
909.HDPE Container With Sewing Items
910.Lot of Plastic Easter Eggs, Some New in Package
911.Handmade Twin Size Quilt, Needs Repairs
912.Boxlot -- Metal Toy Horse Trailer, Plastic Doll Furniture, Stock Pot, Air Pump
913.Heavy Brown Winter Coat - No Size, Appears XL
914.Adidas Climawarm Sweatshirt Size Medium
915.Ci Sono Women's Leather-Look Jacket Size Large
916.Real Work Wear Black Leather Jacket Size Small
917.Tantrums Size Medium Tiger Shirt
918.Black Rabbit Fur Jacket -- No Size, Appears Large
919.Camo Army Shirt, Missing Some Buttons Size Small
920.Jessica McClintock Dress Size 3/4
921.Girl's Size 14 Zero Xposure Winter Coat. Clean, Great Condition
922.Women's Jacket Size Medium
923.Flower Girl's Dress, No Size, Looks Handmade
924.Pioneer Hooded Zip Up Jacket, Size Large
925.Women's Pacific Trail Lined Jacket, Size XS Petite
926.Insulated Coveralls Size Large
927.Hawke & Co. Men's XXL Winter Jacket
928.Preston & York Long Length Women's Wool Coat Size 12
929.Very Nice Men's St. Johns Bay Heavy Winter Coat Size Large
930.John Deere "Built to Last" Shirt Size Large
931.Charlotte Russe Women's Leather Look Jacket Size Large
932.Faded Glory Women's Jacket Size Medium
933.Men's Long Length Leather Jacket Size Medium
934.Youth 16-18 Large UK Sweatshirt
935.Lot of 2 Men's Large Khaki Lightweight Jackets
936.Women's Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt Size XL
937.FUDA Women's Lined Jacket Size Small
938.Red Head Men's Flannel Lined Button Up Shirt Size Large Tall
939.Coleman Drink Cooler
9"D x 10"H
940.Rival Crock-Ette 1 Quart Slow Cooker
941.Rack Pack Roof Top Cargo Bag with 15 cubic feet of usable space
942.Canning Pot with Lid
Dimensions: 14"D x 9" H
943.Anchor Hocking 24 Piece Good Times Party Set -- (6) 15 oz Beer Glasses, (6) 9 oz Rocks, (6) 12 1/2 oz Beverage glasses, and (6) 8 Ounce Wine Glasses. Looks like never taken out of box.
944.Regal La Machine II Food Processor
945.Toy Track Truck and Vintage Spider Man Car
946.Vintage Glassware -- Handpainted Japan Juicer, Stoneware Crock and Teapot, Vase, Cardinal Basket, Jug
947.Lot of 16 Gift Boxes New in Package
948.HDPE Crate Full of Christmas Items; Happy Holidays Star, Ribbon, Gift Tags, Gift Bags, Dcor, Cookie Cutters, etc.
949.Santa Claus Trinket Box
Dimensions: 4" Tall
950.Vintage Cincinnati Bengals Pitcher
Dimensions: 5" D x 9" H
951.3 Boxes of Mini Christmas Lights -- 1 Box of 100 Clear and 2 Boxes of 100 Red -- Appear new in box.
952.Strait-Line Laser Level Swivel Base with Command Strips. New in Damaged Package
953.Vintage Heavy Glass Divided Dish
Dimensions: 9"D x 2"H
954.Yellow Planter and Lot of Liquor Bottle Pour Spouts
955.Artist's Brush Set, Contains 20 Brushes
956.Lot of 2 20 Piece Suit and Dress Bag Sets
957.Flatlot -- Christmas Lights, Dcor, etc.
958.Flatlot -- New in Package Kitchen Items
959.Vintage "The Portable Pub"
Dimensions: 11x13x5 1/2"
960.HDPE Flower Pot Full Of Gardening Tools
961.Resin Santa Figure
Dimensions: 10" Tall
962.Boxlot -- Clear Christmas Lights -- Untested
963.New in Box -- 100 Mini Red / Green Christmas Lights -- 32' Long, Indoor/Outdoor
964.Boxlot -- Multi-Colored Christmas Lights -- Untested
965.Amber Glass Container with Lid, Marked Belgium
Dimensions: 4" D x 8" H
966.Vintage Wood Box With Woman and Grapes
Dimensions: 8x8x6"
967.Lot of 3 8 Count Packages of Ornaments
968.Flatlot -- Vintage Costume Jewelry, Tools, Old Keys, etc.
969.Flatlot -- Vintage Kitchen Items
970.Boxlot -- Legal Notepads, Envelopes, etc.
971.Flatlot -- Christmas Dcor, Meat Thermometer, Etc.
972.New in Package Paint Tray and Roller
973.Vintage (1980) Kool Cigarettes Inflatable Hot Air Balloon Advertisement
974.Vintage Fisher Price Baby Activity Center
Notes: 2 x bid
975.New in Package Christmas Seasonal Throw Rug
Dimensions: 20x30"
976.New in Package (But Dirty) Full or Part Circle Pulsating Sprinkler
977.Universal Food Grinder
978.Handsaw with 26" Blade
979.Canning Jar Lids
980.Flatlot -- Vintage Metal Lunch Box, Lighters, Small Rabbit Pitcher, Twine, Heating Pad, Matches, etc.
981.Vintage Panasonic RX-5090 Boombox With Casette and AM/FM Radio
982.New in Package Dupont Silverstone Griddle
Dimensions: 10x16"
983.Box of 17 Anchor Hocking Taper Candle Holders
984.4 Piece Set of Pouches / Wallet / Mirror etc.
985.Houston Texans Backpack
986.Salt & Pepper Shakers in Metal Basket
Dimensions: Bottles are 2 1/2" Tall
987.Vintage Miller High Life Lighter
Dimensions: 3" Tall
988.Vintage Wooden Toy Horse -- Needs Repair
Dimensions: 15" Tall
989.Flatlot -- Floor Flanges, Plastic Drop Cloth, Chip Clips, Paint Brush, etc.
990.2 Boxes of Christmas Lights -- 100 Clear and 100 Red Mini Lights
991.Louisville Federal Reserve Canvas Bank Bag
992.Titan Phillies Cigar Box
993.Vintage Japanese Lamp
Dimensions: 12" Tall
994.Emperor Steel Savvy Carving Knife Set
995.Old Tin Full of Marbles
996.Box of 5 Winchester Super X 16 Gauge Rifled Slugs
997.Old Forester Bottle, Glass Vase, and Delta Queen Mug
998.Android Smartphone in Case With Box
999.Crossbow Gun
1000.6 mm BB Air Sport Gun
1001.Pyrex 9" Glass Cake Pan and Glassbake 9" Pie Plate
1002.Portrait of Christ Kerosene Lamp, New in Box
Notes: 2 x bid
1003.Bamboo Windchimes
1004.4 Pair of New in Package Brown Jersey Work Gloves
1005.Sealed Package of 4 Disposable Vacuum Bags, Says Fits Most Uprights
1006.Santa Claus Table Runner
Dimensions: 66" Long
1007.Flatlot -- Egg Cooker, Shot Glass, Coasters, Vintage Ashtray, Old Bottle of Bath Bubbles, etc.
1008.Uniroyal Rain Coat and Hat, Hat has small hole, Size XL
1009.Flatlot -- Curling Iron, Thermometer, Welcome Sign, Phone Cord
1010.New in Package Umbrella
1011.High School Musical "Gabriella" Doll
1012.Set of 3 Vintage Copies of Declaration of Independence


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